Rams likely won’t be taking Todd Gurley to Hawaii for preseason game

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Todd Gurley apparently won’t be getting lei’d.

Coach Sean McVay told reporters on Tuesday that the Rams most likely won’t be taking their star tailback to Hawaii for a Saturday preseason game against the Cowboys.

“That’s something that I would say, more likely than not, but we’re still working through the specifics of that as we kind of get closer and closer to that,” McVay said. “I don’t have the full answer, but more likely than not, he will not go.”

McVay didn’t specify a reason for the decision.

“There’s a lot of layers to it,” McVay said. “I think it’s really just figuring out from an organizational standpoint, talking to the players, making sure that we’re in alignment with doing things the right way. Most importantly, what we want to do is always look out for players and what’s in their best interest and that’s something that we’ll have more clarification as we get closer to that trip.”

Is it the travel? McVay wouldn’t say.

“I think it’s something that we’ll talk about,” McVay said. “That’s definitely part of the discussion, but figuring out the nuances and all the little details is something that we’re kind of working through as an organization right now.”

Gurley wants to go, but he’ll defer to McVay.

“That’s coach’s decision,” Gurley told reporters. “I would love to just go to Hawaii, sit back, sip on some pineapple juice, chill at whatever hotel we’re staying. Who could complain about going to Hawaii?”

No one could complain about that. Some fans may complain about this lingering cloud of uncertainty surrounding Gurley, whose knee became a major problem late in the 2018 season and who has been treated far differently than a workhorse running back gets treated in the preseason. Although the Rams are sick of getting the questions about Gurley’s knee, the circumstances continue to justify more of them.

They’ll continue unless and until Gurley strings together game after game after game without the knee being an issue.