Report: Amari Cooper has plantar fascia irritation, no concern


Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper hasn’t practiced in more than a week, but the team is not concerned.

Cooper has plantar fascia irritation on the bottom of his foot, Mike Fisher of Maven Sports reports.

“He’ll be fine,” a source told Fisher.

It is unclear when Cooper will return to practice — the Cowboys break the California portion of their training camp at the end of the week — but the team considers him day to day.

Cooper has missed only three games in his four seasons.

During the offseason, Cooper stated a 2,000-yard goal for this season. He has never had more than 1,153 yards in a single season, but his 725 yards in nine games in Dallas last season after the trade from Oakland translates to 1,288 over 16 games.

He will play this season under the fifth-year option, getting a fully guaranteed $13.924 million, as the sides continue to negotiate a long-term deal.

12 responses to “Report: Amari Cooper has plantar fascia irritation, no concern

  1. It only gets better with significant rest, and in the middle of training camp when is he going to get that?

  2. I’m a long distance runner and know from experience that plantar-fascia can be a painful and long term injury

  3. This is not a fun injury – the “no concern” comment is BS. This “irritation” is plantar fasciitis – a swollen ligament along the bottom of the foot, making walking painful. If not carefully managed it can get worse – a lot (scars/ruptures). It’s also indicative of a poss achilles issue.

  4. This is the Johnnie Whinebaugh school of misrepresenting the actual injury.

    A Raven cod break both legs and have multiple concussions and Whinebaugh would arrogantly downplay it.


    I don’t know why teams don’t believe in developing solid depth so they don’t have to do as this wishful thinking crap.

  5. 2000 receiving yards with Dak as your QB….lol..yeah..not even luck will get you there with Dinkin and Dakin.

  6. There is therapy and sometimes special brands of shoes you have to wear. I have it andnit flares up periodically. The worst part is these guys sign huge contracts with terrible shoe companies. Nike, Adidas, Under Armour are the worst. Those shoes bend in half in the middle, that is t aupposed to happen. Any pediatrist or orthopedist will tell you NB and Asics are the best shoes to wear. Asics dont fold in the middle. Any foot issue with an athlete should never be taken lightly.

  7. I’m sorry but Cooper has had a bum ankle for a while now. Although he does not miss many games due to the ankle it definitely hinders his production and that is why he has been so inconsistent on the field. Once it flares up he slows down. He could very well have been a super star if it wasn’t for his jacked up feet. That is why the Raiders were good with letting him go.

  8. I’ve had it several times . Usually within about 3 days , I’m good to go. Any inflammation that last longer than that it’s probably something else . It feels like somebody is driving a nail in to your foot. And worse whenever you first get up or sitting and whenever you stand.

  9. This has been a lingering issue for years with Amari Cooper. Chronic injuries are never just a small thing. Sammy Watkins has been dealing with foot issues for years and he’s still missing games.

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