Russell Wilson now a part-owner of soccer team

Getty Images

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson can’t decide which college to identify himself by, and now he has added a third sport to his resume as well.

Via the Seattle Times, the MLS Seattle Sounders announced that Wilson and his wife Ciara were among 11 families joining the team’s ownership group.

The list is local tech-money heavy, but also includes hip-hop star Macklemore and his wife, Tricia Davis.

Seattle means so much to me and Ciara,” Wilson said in the team’s release. “We’re fired up about being part of the Sounders for a long, long time, having ownership in the Sounders and continuing to build that winning culture.

“When I got here in 2012, Seattle was a place that I felt I could call home forever. And obviously because of the Seahawks, and now because of the Sounders, it makes that really come to life. We’re really excited about building that winning culture. This city is a special place. The Pacific Northwest is a place we love and we get to raise our kids here and have a lot of fun while doing it. We want to bring the best soccer players in the world right here to Seattle.

“We think this is a transformational sport. It changes peoples’ lives. It brings people together from all different countries, all different worlds, all different socio-economic statuses, all different races, all different troubles in life – it brings people together. That’s what we’re excited about for this game, this team, and what we can do in Seattle.”

It remains to be seen if Wilson tries to participate in the Sounders’ offseason training, like his repeated fantasy camp trips to minor league baseball facilities.