T.Y. Hilton isn’t a fan of joint practices

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T.Y. Hilton and Aaron Rodgers have something in common.

The Packers quarterback said after the team practiced with the Texans last week that he is not a proponent of working with other teams during training camp. The Colts are doing the same with the Browns this week and Hilton shares Rodgers’ opinion of sharing the field with the opposition.

“I’m not a fan of joint practices,” Hilton said, via FOX59.com.

Hilton acknowledges there’s a lot of “excitement” at the sessions, but his quarrel with joint practices is that “every time you see them there’s fights breaking out.”

Colts head coach Frank Reich said that he and Browns counterpart Freddie Kitchens have addressed the need to avoid fights, but Hilton’s desire to avoid any upset may be related to how camp has played out thus far. Hilton said he thinks he’s having the best camp of his career as last year’s ankle injury healed and allowed him “to get back healthy, train how I want to train” heading into the summer.

10 responses to “T.Y. Hilton isn’t a fan of joint practices

  1. Since Hilton does not like joint practices then he can choose not to participate by quitting the NFL.
    No one if forcing him to play football.
    Today’s players are the epitome of prima donnas…that is why I have zero respect for them…except for Al Villanueva, I respect him.

  2. Vikings fans aren’t going to be happy with TY Hilton…and they know everything, just ask ’em. They’ll tell ya. Aaron Rodgers said he didn’t like joint practices and you’d have sworn to gawd that he insulted their parentage.

  3. How about EXPLAINING why Rodgers isn’t a fan of joint practices because his TE Jace Sternberger got a CONCUSSION from an overzealous Texan CB Lonnie Johnson???????

  4. Seems to me that T.Y. Hilton’s comments amount to a criticism of Matt LaFleur. What a snotty guy.

  5. Let’s see if the Aaron Rodgers haters will rip Hilton for saying this as they ripped Aaron for saying it.
    Both of them are right — joint practices is a stupid idea.

  6. I guess I’d say that both Rodgers and Hilton are free to have a different opinion than the head coach and to share that opinion with the media. That doesn’t mean it’s a smart thing to do when you’re supposed to be a team leader. Frank Reich had a very successful first year and has earned the respect of the players. Matt LaFleur is trying to establish himself as someone with no track record and still needs to earn the respect of the players. Hilton is a good player but he isn’t the straw that stirs the drink that Rodgers is. I think the reaction of the Colts players to this comment is probably pretty different from the reaction of the Packers players to Rodgers’ comments. Remember, Rodgers had to go on and on about how stupid it was to practice live kicking and how he should bring it up to the NFLPA. Maybe he should think about the effect his opinions have on his teammates’ perception of the new coach.

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