Titans OC apologizes after yelling at injured A.J. Brown

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First-year Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith is still learning how to do his new job — and also how to be a human being.

Via Erik Bacharach of the Nashville Tennessean, Smith said he apologized to rookie wide receiver A.J. Brown, after he yelled at him for getting hurt.

When Brown went down during a drill on the first day of camp, Smith barked at him for not completing the drill properly, not realizing Brown aggravated a hamstring injury which would keep him out of practice more than two weeks.

“Finish!” Smith yelled that day. “Stop (freaking) falling down and finish!

(The stuff inside the parentheses is always the best stuff from coaches during practice.)

Now that Brown has returned to work, Smith has had the grace to apologize — after his wife made sure he was aware why he needed to.

“I felt like a jerk for that,” Smith said. “I didn’t know. I apologized to A.J. . . .

“In the moment you go back and you look at it and we were just trying to get him to finish. There’s a lot of rookies and you’re trying to set a culture. Coach [Mike] Vrabel has done a great job of doing it and we’re trying to implement it. A lot of rookies, you’re trying to remind.

“That wasn’t clearly the intent. If I had known he was hurt, I would not have gone over to do that. As soon as I realized it, I felt awful, so I walked over and said something and then I walked to the training room and apologized to him and I told him that. My wife gave me an earful about it, too. There was a video going around.”

Apparently Smith’s wife’s suggestion took hold, because Brown said his coach “apologized a couple of times. He felt bad for that one.”

And now that Brown’s feeling better, they can all laugh about it.

7 responses to “Titans OC apologizes after yelling at injured A.J. Brown

  1. So now coaches are apologizing for yelling at lazy Millennials? The wussification of America continues.

  2. Being Humble, and Asking for someone’s forgiveness via an apology, allows that someone to show their grace and accept your apology, can only build a stronger bond between coach and player…….and it works for just about all of us if we try.

  3. This is football, right? In the NFL? Are we really getting that sensitive? Yes, coaches want players to finish routes, yes sometime players get hurt, and recover. Maybe they need a cuddle room, or some safe space? Please.

  4. Now that Brown’s feeling better? A couple days later. It wasn’t his hamstring then, it was him falling down & faking the hamstring. Xavier Rhodes style. The coach should yell @ him again. That’s going to be this kids M.O. the rest of his career. Just like Rhodes. Gets burned, fakes an injury. For this kid it will be drop a pass, miss a catch, fake an injury.

  5. I agree that apologizing and building a better relationship was the right thing to do, but could you imagine a story like this 40 years ago?

  6. A bunch of people talking about how wussified these players are would wet themselves if they had to say it to their face. Apologizing when you are wrong is not a bad thing by the way. Brown didn’t ask for it, the coach did that on his own. Lazy millenials? Haha. I’m Gen-X but where I work it’s definitely the older generations that don’t want to work. And the millenials have to pull theirs & the boomers weight until they retire to a pension that we will never get.

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