Tony Romo: Dak Prescott has been productive since arriving in Dallas

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The most money Tony Romo ever earned in a single season was $26.5 million in 2013, according to He finished his NFL career with $127.4 million in earnings.

Dak Prescott could sign a bigger total deal than what Romo made in his career and is expected to have a higher annual average than Romo ever earned in one season.

Prescott already has turned down a deal that would pay him $30 million a season based on Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones’ revelation last week that Prescott, Amari Cooper and Ezekiel Elliott all have offers that would put them “at least in the top five” at their respective positions.

Prescott, who replaced Romo as the Cowboys’ starting quarterback when Romo was injured in the 2016 preseason, has earned that, Romo said.

“In the NFL — quarterbacks, running backs, receivers — it doesn’t matter. It’s about the production,” Romo told CBS Sports HQ. “Are you winning? Are you helping your football team win? And are you producing? And Dak’s done that since the moment he stepped on the field.”

The Cowboys also are working on deals with Cooper and Elliott — Elliott remains a holdout from training camp — but have expressed confidence at getting all three signed to long-term deals. Romo said it’s a matter of when, not if.

“All three of these guys, their deals are going to get done,” Romo said. “It’s just fun for people to talk about while it’s going on.

“They’re all great players, and I think it’s just a matter of time before they get paid.”

19 responses to “Tony Romo: Dak Prescott has been productive since arriving in Dallas

  1. I am not a Cowboys fan. I only root for them if they play Seattle. LOL I don’t care if they overspend on Dak Prescott. It just makes it so much harder for Dallas to get a good team around him. Players like Tom Brady are getting rare. Brady puts winning above making the most money and he has 6 Super Bowl rings to show for it because he has a good supporting cast.

  2. Really surprised to see that Dak is being considered as the future for the Cowboys. The money being talked about seems crazy, for somebody who really has not done anything. I reviewed his stats, and he appears to be in the mid-teens of QB rankings by most stat counters. I’m going on what I have observed in the few games I have seen him play; and Dak seems to have accuracy issues when throwing from the pocket. He looks pretty good while throwing on the run, but I prefer an accurate pocket passer to the running QB. I remember Troy Aikman saying the same thing during a broadcast; that Dak has accuracy issues. IMO, I just don’t see him as the guy. Glad that the Cowboys are not my team, because he is not the one I would choose to lead.

  3. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. If Dallas doesn’t pay Dak this year, then they franchise him next year, he still gets 30 mil+, ala K. Cousins. Better to pay him now than later.

  4. When he’s on and at his best, Dak is an average QB, around the 14 to 18 best of 32 starting QB’s. When taking into account rookie QB’s with a higher upside, there are at least 20 to 24 QB’s I would rather have on my team ahead of Dak Prescott. At his best he’s an average to below average QB. Unfortunately for Cowboy fans, he just hasn’t improved since his rookie year. He has actually regressed. I don’t know who’s more crazy, Jerry Jones for offering $30 million a year, or Dak for turning it down.

  5. A couple months ago, the Cowboys could have signed Nick Foles as an unrestricted free agent for $22 million a year. He’s a better and more accomplished QB than Dak Prescott. On the open market Dak would command a salary in the $18 to $20 million a year range, well below the $40 million a year that he wants. If anybody overpays though, it will be Jerry Jones. The Cowboys would be better off using their 1st round pick next draft on a QB with a higher upside than Dak Prescott

  6. It never ceases to amaze me at the pontification that happens when a Dallas Cowboys story runs. Talking like you possess any level of professional football talent evaluation knowledge is just laughable.

    However, I did win my Fantasy Football league last year so maybe I’m the expert. I few “lol’s” and “Jerrah’s puppet” and maybe I’ll be considered one of the cool, keyboard warriors.

    Worry about your own teams and unless that team is the Patriots perhaps commenting on America’s Team should be avoided. It just reeks of hate.

  7. Dak was sacked 56 times in 2018 – 9.6% of his pass attempts!! The o-line is actually average rather than poor, the main prob is Dak copes very poorly with pressure and holds the ball too long. If they can fix it he’s prob a regular playoff-level QB. But this aspect’s got a lot worse, not better, in each of his first 3 seasons! And the line is prob being blamed for Dak’s faults.

  8. Not the biggest Dak fan, however the Cowboy fans better be careful thinking they could do better than someone who’s extremely mobile while at the same time is solid enough where he doesn’t get hurt and he is still 25. Not a top 5 QB, but he was held down for a lot of last year by having targets that were very limited in a system that was fine for the 1990’s but out of date in 2019.

  9. Dak has a 32-16 career record.

    96.0 career passer rating.

    83 total TD, 25 INT.

    2 division titles and 3 winning seasons in 3 years. Won a playoff game.

    One of the most consistently clutch QBs in all of football.

    Buuuuut he plays for Dallas… so everyone has to pretend he’s garbage, just like you clowns did to Tony Romo and even Troy Aikman back when he was playing.

    Poor haters have the little brother complex when it comes to America’s Team. Too funny!

  10. So were you, Romo. Yet, “a bit better than average” ain’t worth $40M. Yeah, yeah, Mort said he didn’t ask for $40M, bit Mort lost all credibility with his “11 out of 12” lie…

  11. He functions pretty well when his RB and LT are healthy. He cannot put the team on his back and win.He is a 12-18 ranked QB. Jerry will pay him 34/year with 75 guaranteed.

  12. Can hit open receivers past 10 yards. Can’t read defenses. Holds the ball to long. Over trows wide open receivers . Doesn’t go thru progression. If first option is not open holds the ball. Stairs down primary receiver . As a lifelong COWBOYS fan I think we can do much better. Let him ride out his contact if need be tag him

  13. Dak had a fantastic rookie year but in the last 2 seasons he has been average. The Cowboys’ passing attack was ranked 26th and 21st in the league. In almost half of the games the Cowboys failed to score 17 points. To Dak’s credit he had his best games against Eagles and Giants. The 6th ranked defense deserves lot of credit in winning crucial games. Can’t blame Dak for wanting that kind of money when you consider that Stafford was the highest paid player not so long ago.

  14. Pay him more than Big Ben, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. Make him the highest paid QB in the history of the league. Please, Mr. Jones.

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