Adrian Peterson: Colt McCoy has the edge in Washington QB competition

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The three-man quarterback race in Washington is Colt McCoy‘s to lose, according to Adrian Peterson.

Peterson has been in practice huddles with McCoy, Case Keenum and Dwayne Haskins throughout training camp and said that McCoy, who is heading into his sixth season playing for coach Jay Gruden, is in the lead.

“I feel like Colt, obviously, has the edge because he has the knowledge and ability as well,” Peterson said. “He’s been shown to have a really strong arm and been consistent as well.”

McCoy has started six games in his five seasons in Washington, and although he’s spent a lot more time holding a clipboard than playing, all that time working with Gruden gives him a good feel for the offense.

Haskins was drafted to be the long-term starter, but in the short term he may not be ready. Gruden has said that the experience advantage gives both McCoy and Keenum a leg up on Haskins, and if experience matters then it may be McCoy who has the best shot of earning the job in Week One.

31 responses to “Adrian Peterson: Colt McCoy has the edge in Washington QB competition

  1. Whoever “wins” the starting job is going to get crushed the first few weeks by some top tier defenses. The best thing for Haskins is to let one of the two vets take the beating and take over during the second half of the season.

  2. As of you can trust anything Peterson says. Great player, intelligence of a rock.

    Keenum starts. May not finish. But he starts.

  3. Colt has all the talent to be a good NFL QB. But through his career he’s had uncanny bad timing regarding injuries. No doubt that counts when you evaluate a career, but he’s a much better QB than he gets credit for. If he wants to, he’d probably make a good coach someday.

  4. I wonder if Peterson wants to be traded? This is the second time in two days he has been talking when he would be better off giving out some non-quotes. I know he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he’s been around enough to know what to do when someone sticks a mic in your face. He hasn’t said anything offensive, but if you’re one of the other quarterbacks, how do you take it? How do you take it if you think you’re leaving? And will the fans think this is a divided locker room? There’s a lot of good non-answers and this isn’t one of them.

  5. McCoy’s a good guy, love to see him get a full year in as QB, even for a dysfunctional organization.
    Minnesota should have kept Keemun, at least he could win them a playoff game. They’re stuck with Cousins and his impressive (until it really counts) numbers.

  6. No one thinks that a teammate rating the ability of other teammates is kind of slimy?

    Praise them or say nothing about them. By inference he’s saying the other 2 are garbage. Which may be true, but if his hero goes down, one of the pieces of garbage could make his life interesting as payback. The QB calls an audible where Peterson gets the ball and the route is somewhere where Peterson gets killed.

  7. I’d love to see McCoy start just to put all this Keenum nonsense talk to rest here in the land of the purple. Keenum is not a very good QB. Get over it Vikings fans.

  8. Why didn’t someone ask him how in the hell could you be stupid enough to blow $100 million, son?

  9. Well when the Redskins traded for Keenum and all the fans on here were anointing him as the starter I got bashed for saying don’t be surprised if McCoy ends up the starter instead.

  10. Colt can barely make it through a practice at this point. He might be the best option, but if he can’t make it through a practice without limping and needing the trainer, he isn’t the answer week 1.

  11. I had no idea AP was pulling double duty as RB and Redskins Press Secretary.

    Yesterday spouts off about Treat Williams.

    Today spouts off about the Quarterbacks.

    Tomorrow: The Epstein suicide and relations with North Korea.

  12. I seem to remember, maybe 7 years ago when Colt was the starter in Cleveland and he beat the Giants and New England and a third team that would normally stomp the Browns. He certainly has the smarts for winning, even though the bellringing that ended his run that year was vicious.
    Ya cannot say he hasn’t been an able back-up. Good luck Colt!

    An Aztec Fan

  13. Why are we not starting Haskins … look at Peyton Manning’s first year and he turned out ok … even if it’s one read and it’s not there just throw it away … he needs game time cause he didn’t get much in college. The running game and defense if good can win ugly.

  14. I just assumed it was Keenum in 2019 and Haskins in 2020. Never even considered McCoy as an option. Interesting.

  15. newencinitasnetwork he went 6-15 as a starter with the browns. I’m not taking anything away from Colt as I thought and still think he will win the job but your kinda waxing nostalgic.

  16. Perhaps this will be the 1st time in NFL history that two brothers coaching two NFL teams are fired in the same season. Well technically I guess Rex Ryan and his brother already accomplished this but they were not both head coaches.

  17. Colt McCoy has starter skill and he proved that in Cleveland. If the Browns had a defense in 2010 they probably would have been a playoff team because that offense with him at QB and Peyton Hillis at running back was on ESPN highlight reels practically every week.

    His biggest issue in his career is durability. If he starts, whomever the backup is needs to be ready because he’s not built for 16 games worth of punishment.

  18. If he’s healthy, Colt McCoy should be the starter. He knows the offense better than Keenum or Haskins.

    Peterson, Guice, Thompson, (and eventually Love) are going to be motor for the offense regardless. Skins fans should come to terms with this reality.

    Look at the situation with the offensive line. QB play will be less important for Skins. Old school run offense will give them the best shot to win games.

  19. Does it matter who keeps the seat warm for Haskins? It’s just a matter of time regardless

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