Does Tom Brady’s new contract troll the Falcons, and more from #PFTPM

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The Patriots deliberately trolled the Falcons two years ago, designing rings containing 283 diamonds after the Patriots erased a 28-3 deficit with the biggest come-from-behind win in Super Bowl history. Recently, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady possibly trolled the Falcons again.

Wednesday’s #PFTPM podcast included an excellent question from a reader regarding Brady’s new contract. As executed, the three-year contract has an annual average of $28.3 million.

Making the possibility that he’s twisting the Falcons’ tail feathers more likely is the fact that the last two years of the deal are fake and phony, voiding on the last day of the 2019 league year. The actual salaries for 2020 and 2021 are therefore meaningless. They could have been whatever Brady wanted them to be. Someone possibly wanted them to create an average of $28.3 million.

As a practical matter, it’s a one-year, $23 million contract, with Brady becoming a free agent in March unless the two sides work out a new deal before then.

The full episode of #PFTPM appears below, free of charge as always.

12 responses to “Does Tom Brady’s new contract troll the Falcons, and more from #PFTPM

  1. inherently flawed argument that he disrespected the Falcons because it implies there is a world in which the Falcons are respected at all

  2. It’s a sad commentary that instead of all 28-3 references being viewed as celebrating the greatest playoff comeback of all time it is interpreted as trolling the team that couldn’t hold up their end. We used to just be able to enjoy celebrating winners, are we now really required to view things through the loser’s lens?

  3. The 283 diamonds honor the comeback. The design wasn’t intended to troll the Falcons.

    And sure, somebody said during contract negotiations: Hey let’s make the numbers come out so that when you divide by three you get 28.3, cuz that’ll be pwning the Falcons big time over that game three Super Bowls ago! Yeah, that would totally happen.

  4. Any Patriot 28-3 reference is about the greatest ever SB comeback win (and coming after the NFL’s deflategate fraud, and on top of everyone saying Brady had cliffed etc) and not about trolling Falcons or anyone. The only 28-3 “trolling” is done by Falcons’ main rivals/haters, and that’s not the Pats. Most Pats fans appreciate Falcons would’ve won but for that insane catch by Edelman. And they appreciate that because the same thing happened to them 2007.

  5. In what world, besides the Patriot Way, do contracts cover voided years? If the contract ends in 2019, it’s a one year contract. The NFL League office needs to treat it like that for calculating salary cap. No skirting the rules with fake years and spreading money out. Will the cheating never end with this team?

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