Golden Tate considering suing doctor who prescribed medication

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Golden Tate is “definitely looking into” suing the doctor who prescribed the fertility drug that led to his four-game suspension.

Tate said he used clomiphene, a banned substance under the league’s performance enhancing drug policy. The doctor who prescribed the medication told Tate it was not a banned substance.

“In fact, he had given it to other NFL players, which I trusted it and kept living my life,” the Giants receiver said, via quotes distributed by the team. “I was out to dinner one night with a guy who works for me, and we were talking about another player who got suspended for something completely different. A light kind of just went off in my head, ‘Let me call the doctor and make sure just to make myself feel better.’ I asked him what the active ingredient was, and we looked it up right then and there and sure enough it was a banned substance.”

Tate self-reported usage before the results of an April drug test came back, he said, and thus was hoping for leniency from the league. His appeal, however, was denied.

“I have no problem accepting the punishment,” Tate said. “Ultimately, I’m responsible for what’s put in my body. The tough thing I’m dealing with is I’m letting down a lot of people: My family, the guys in the locker room, the organization that brought me here. That’s what’s been crushing me.”

Tate will lose $1.2 million in salary during the four-game suspension and the $7.9 million he was contractually guaranteed for next season is void, according to multiple reports.

Thus, Tate is considering legal action against the doctor.

“We are kind of examining all of our options,” Tate said.