Gregg Williams: Jamal Adams could play corner, but we haven’t crossed that bridge

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Injuries to Trumaine Johnson and Kyron Brown have made the Jets’ cornerback group a subject of conversation for the team’s players and coaches this week.

Safety Jamal Adams volunteered to make the move to cornerback in order to help the team weather the storm, but it isn’t in the cards at the moment. Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams said at a Tuesday press conference that while Adams is capable of shifting positions, it isn’t something the team has considered doing at this point.

“He can do it, there’s no doubt about it,” Williams said. “He’s a good enough athlete to do that. We haven’t even crossed that bridge right now with him because he’s learning other positions too but he’s a good enough athlete to do that, yes.”

Williams said he thinks “everything’s good” with a cornerback group that added Marcus Cooper to the mix on Tuesday and the coordinator will have to be right for his unit to meet expectations come the regular season.

6 responses to “Gregg Williams: Jamal Adams could play corner, but we haven’t crossed that bridge

  1. Marcus Cooper??? Lol. Isn’t he the yo-yo from the Bears who inexplicably stopped at the 1yd line on a Pick-6 to fix himself a peanut butter&jelly sandwich, take a bath, and put out the garbage?

    Probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in sports.

  2. @superfanentertainment

    Yes, the one bad play he made for the Bears after beating out Bryce Callahan for the starting job which he eventually lost due to injury. He’s nothing more than average, just because he signed with the Jets lets not act like he isn’t solid let alone worse than what the Jets currently have at CB.

  3. Adams deserves a lot of credit for volunteering but it would be a bad move. It would weaken two positions since he’s not a CB and the safety replacing him wouldn’t be as good as he is.

  4. Honestly I think Adams will want to do it because if the secondary is not solid Williams will plant him 35-40 yards downfield like in a cleveland as a “Angel”. He’ll be bored and kicking rocks most plays.

  5. Jamal Adams? O now you talking about some of the best those Lsu dawgs have to offer. He could play any position in the secondary but safety is where he settled because coach Les Miles had him calling plays. Tradavious white called plays too but from cornerback. Some of the greatest to ever do it.

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