Kenny Stills, Stephen Ross met, “agreed to disagree”

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Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and Dolphins receiver Kenny Stills have one thing in common: They decline to stick to sports.

Beyond that, there’s not much overlap between their political views.

The two men have met since last week’s controversy fueled by the owner’s decision to host a six-figure fundraiser for the President. Stills told the Palm Beach Post, via, that he and Ross have “agreed to disagree.”

“There’s not much to argue about,” Stills said. “He has his feelings about it and he stands firm in that, and I respect that. But I disagree and I told him there’s no hard feelings. There’s no beef and let’s win some games this year.”

Stills agreed to agree with coach Brian Flores, who has lamented the fact that Stills didn’t meet with Ross before publicly commenting on the perceived disconnect between the creation by Ross of the RISE foundation, which promotes social justice and racial equality in sports, and the decision to support President Trump, who has engaged in racially-divisive practices.

“I definitely think ,from a professional matter, the right thing to do would have been to reach out to [Ross] first,” Stills said. “But through conversations that we have and the history that we have, it gets to a point where I’m just a person that is sharing the message, letting other people know what’s happening.”

What’s happening is that NFL owners who have openly supported President Trump without backlash are beginning to experience some of it. And that NFL players are increasingly unwilling to stand silent.

21 responses to “Kenny Stills, Stephen Ross met, “agreed to disagree”

  1. These dudes are as one-track minded as they come. Imagine calling yourself unprivlidged and using your platform as a way to express yourself, when you’re in literally the only profession where you can publicly bad mouth your boss/owner and still keep your job. Go away, Kenny.

  2. Kenny Stills- Your message was lost along time ago! Owners can endorse whichever candidate they choose!

    Maybe you should concentrate on living up to the money the Dolphins are paying you…

  3. Wow the spineless upper management personal in the Dolphin organization refuse to handle this the way they should. This is the culture of losing the Miami Dolphins have in their organization and will continue.

  4. It would be nice if we all would “agree to disagree” BEFORE we speak out and make a big deal out of stuff…

  5. Welcome to 2019 America – where if you express opinions that differ from the other side you are criticized. Listening is a long lost human skill. You can disagree with someone and still hear them out and show respect. Smh.

  6. “It would be nice if we all would “agree to disagree” BEFORE we speak out and make a big deal out of stuff…”

    agree 1,000%, but that wouldn’t get stills any pub…it’s all he wants really, to feel self important…

  7. Obviously this whole thing is a minefield, but I gotta say it was nice to read how they at least talked and heard each other out. They are both stuck on their opinions/views, which is just the way things like this go, but it was nice to hear that they are going to try and be professional about it.

    If that actually happens, we’ll have to see.

  8. Kenny Stills has some skills, but overall is a cancer for a team due to his self serving attitude. Sean Peyton let him walk, and good riddance.

  9. When Stills dropped that opening day walkin touchdown pass from Tannehill against the Seahawks a couple or so years ago I am sure Ross wanted a word then. Bottom line is, keep your head down, learn your craft and Ross might take you seriously. Outside of football, at your current play level you and your cohorts are irrelevant. But he is right when he agreed to win some football games. And I am a fan Kenny Stills.

  10. I dont care what my boss thinks – he puts a roof over my head and food on my table. Zip your lips and be grateful that the guy signs your paycheck. If I were Ross this guy would be fired. Ross has a lot more patience that I do.

  11. Can you imagine caring who the owner of the company you work for votes for politically?

  12. So they settled it? Good! Unlike Ross I do not like Trump, and unlike Stills, I do think Ross has a right to spend his money how he wants to (just like Stills does), and we still do have freedom of speech and action…there is no Florio-ian “unless we don’t” here! Now, get on with football–both of you!

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