Marcus Mariota: I am just competing against myself

Getty Images

When the Titans first signed quarterback Ryan Tannehill, General Manager Jon Robinson said that Tannehill understood he was backing up Marcus Mariota and the team hasn’t wavered from that view over the last few months.

Mariota doesn’t have a contract beyond this year, though, and that could make some call for a change if he hits a rough patch during the regular season. More good play from Tannehill in the preseason could help spark such a call, but Mariota said on Wednesday that he only views Tannehill as a resource.

“Having Ryan in our room has been a tremendous addition,” Mariota said, via the team’s website. “That competition, year in and year out for me, is with myself. I just look to be the best version of myself, but Ryan adds a guy who has done it, has experience, can talk about things we see in practice. Even today, different things the Patriots are doing, just being able to communicate and be there, be another set of eyes for each other. But when it comes down to it I am just competing against myself. I just try to be the best version that I can be, day in and day out.”

The best version of Mariota has often been hidden by injury over his years with the Titans. Changing that would likely be good enough to ensure Mariota’s only competing with himself in 2020 as well.