Matt Nagy “cautiously optimistic” about offense after training camp

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The Bears broke camp at Olivet Nazarene University this week and returned to their remodeled practice facility in order to continue preparations for their September 5 date with the Packers.

Changing venues also marked a change for the approach to offensive practices. The team talked about pushing the envelope while at camp, but head coach Matt Nagy said that the unit “hit their limit of testing” before heading back to Chicago and that it was now time to rein things in. He used some time on Tuesday morning to deliver that message to quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

“We had a really good talk [Tuesday] morning in regards to, ‘You can kind of pull back, now that we’re in our own territory, our own offices.'” Nagy said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “I get to kind of hear how he thinks things went and he can hear how I think things went, where are we going with this thing collectively — because that’s what it’s all about. And right now we’re both really happy, we’re excited. And I think I’m cautiously optimistic about our offense in general, and just our team.”

It’s not clear how much Trubisky and other starters will play in the next two preseason games, but the quarterback feels “we’re definitely getting challenged enough” by the defense in practice on a daily basis and that they’re progressing daily in a system that calls for him to be the “point guard” distributing the ball to playmakers. How well he masters that will help define the Bears’ success this year.

18 responses to “Matt Nagy “cautiously optimistic” about offense after training camp

  1. Time to do well what we do well before going to well to get something different. Well, GO BEARS and continue to hate the packers

  2. Big year 3 for the kid. They get an easy week 1 assignment though, so that’s a perk.
    If it helps you beat the pricks from Entitlement town we’ll gladly trade you Bailey for a 7th rounder

  3. Funny how it went from he’s mastering the offense in OTA’s to we are pulling back and simplifying now.

    Now all you hear is that the offense is struggling because they are going up against the greatest D of all time. If I’m not mistaken the were going against pretty much the same D last year.

    Bears fans better hope the their D doesn’t start looking the like the Colt’s D in Indianapolis under Pagano or it is going to be a very long year of eating crow after all the Super Bowl or bust talk we have been hearing.

  4. Will MT10 step up? Will the defense regress w/out the Mad Scientist?

    I’m of the opinion we didn’t peak last year. 1 and done wasn’t the greatest we played and we also had an easy division as most of the North is still scrambling/rebuilding.

  5. Mitch will take them to last place in the NFCN this year.

  6. They don’t need him to be an MVP. With Montgomery, Cohen and Davis he doesn’t have to be a star. He can be a game manager and let the defense keep the score down.

  7. I can’t think of a single Bears loss last season that was the fault of Trubisky. Nagy 4th quarter playcalling and missed field goals come to mind tho..

  8. This thing with #10 is getting funny out of hand. They pushed and tested things in camp.
    That’s what they are supposed to do. Why would they only run the same plays over and over that the offense is already good at? They tried a bunch on things, now they will keep what they like and throw the things they don’t. What better time to take chances then camp.
    I Cant wait until Mitch quiets his haters. I couldn’t be happier with him under center. Laugh all you want about MVP talk. He’s going to be considered for them for years to come.

  9. The Bears are well coached I agree, also Mitch hasn’t done anything to make me think he is the cause of any problems for the Bears. A good comparison is Stafford repeatedly turning the ball over in playoff and other games. Mitch is miles better than Jay Cutler and I don’t see anyone getting past them in the division again this year.

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