Warren Sapp questions Gerald McCoy’s spot in Bucs’ history

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Gerald McCoy felt slighted by the Buccaneers when they gave his No. 93 to Ndamukong Suh shortly after releasing McCoy. He called himself one of the greatest ever to play in Tampa.

Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp took issue with that, pointing out the Bucs never went to the playoffs in McCoy’s nine seasons in Tampa.

“The way I look at it, the thing that kind of threw me sideways was Gerald talking about now that this organization doesn’t have a right [to give away his 93 jersey], or it’s business that they moved on,” Sapp said on pewterreport.com’s podcast. “You know . . . they moved on. And then he wanted to say that Sapp, [Derrick] Brooks, Lee Roy [Selmon], [John] Lynch, Ronde [Barber], nobody wore their numbers. Last time I checked, those were Hall of Famers and champions. We didn’t go to one playoff game with [McCoy] and not one damn divisional title, so, I think he owes some of those hundred million dollars back in that sense.

“If you’re going to put it up against the bad asses that run this bitch before you, you better put up some chips in this game because that’s the way it is. He didn’t have no chips in his game. No defensive player of the year, and that’s what Brooks and that’s what Lee Roy Selmon did. Lynch got his name in two damn Ring of Honors. What am I missing here, Gerald? You’re talking about something silly. Come on, man. Stop. If you’re mad, you’re mad, but don’t put it on the organization that the organization did it. Every NFL team has to move on.”

Will the Bucs add McCoy’s name to their Ring of Honor one day? Their Ring has 13 names in it, and all nine players on the list played at least one postseason game while in Tampa.

McCoy gets a chance for revenge with two games against the Bucs this season, having signed with division rival Carolina.

14 responses to “Warren Sapp questions Gerald McCoy’s spot in Bucs’ history

  1. Haha, love it. Gerald is a good player, but definitely not in the same category as the other players mentioned. Well done Sapp.

  2. So, we know all the players that Sapp played with that ran this…that played there before McCoy. So, who did McCoy have for support? What was the talent around him? Coaching?

    Exactly. Sapp was a great player, but other than that, he’s often a step behind.

  3. “Sapp may be right, but all he’s really doing is adding more motivation for McCoy for those two division games this season.” So this is how he gets motivation? Should have had Sapp criticize him when McCoy was down there otherwise we might have seen an “Aaron Donald” in Tampa.

  4. So based on that logic any really good player who never won a super bowl wasn’t successful…..thinking players like Dan Marino….really Warren

  5. Carolina will get to see why so many Bucs fans aren’t fond of McCoy. The “leader” of a horrible defense won’t be missed.

  6. I don’t disagree with what Sapp was saying. The whole jersey number thing though, McCoy should look up at the ROH in RayJay and see #74 up there who was arguably the greatest OL the Bucs ever had (not 3rd or 4th best like McCoy is at DT). There have been 4 or 5 other guys to wear that number since then, with Ali being the latest. It doesn’t diminish PGs status in the ROH, nor his place among the best that’ve played here that someone else wore his #.

  7. If Jimmie Giles is in there ring of honor and never let anyone wear his Jersey. McCoy should be in that same category. Hes been better than suh.

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