Colin Kaepernick thanks Eric Reid, who has been criticizing the NFL/Jay-Z deal

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Quarterback Colin Kaepernick has yet to comment publicly on the wide-ranging deal struck by the NFL and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, or on comments from Jay-Z that try to turn the page on Kaepernick’s protest-induced unemployment. But former teammate Eric Reid has spoken out on these issues, and Kaepernick approves.

“You never turned your back on me or the people, even when the nfl tried to silence your voice & the movement,” Kaepernick said in a tweet directed to Reid. “You’ve never flinched or wavered. I love you Brother! Let’s get it!”

Reid has pointed out the flaw in Jay-Z’s suggestion that he can either help “millions and millions of people, or . . . get stuck on Colin not having a job.” As Reid observes, it’s not an either/or proposition; millions can be helped and the wrong done to Kaepernick can be undone.

Jay-Z also said, “I think we’ve moved past kneeling.” Reid had a pointed reply to that.

In responses, Reid retweeted thisL “Jay-Z NEVER took a knee. The fact that he has the audacity to to say that, ‘I think that we’ve moved past kneeling,’ is ridiculous. He sacrificed NOTHING. In truth, he is actually capitalizing off of Kaepernick’s loss.”

The context makes it clear that Kaepernick is expressing appreciation for Reid’s public opposition to the NFL/Jay-Z deal. And if there was any doubt, Jemele Hill of The Atlantic reports that Jay-Z and Kaepernick spoke about the looming deal on Monday, and that “[i]t was not a good conversation.”

How could it have been a good conversation? Jay-Z is trying to separate the specific injustice done to Kaepernick from the broader injustice about which Kaepernick was protesting, ignoring the sacrifice Kaepernick made — the sacrifice he shouldn’t have had to make — in the name of whatever the broader goals and objectives are for Jay-Z.

I’m not doing this deal until Colin Kaepernick is on an NFL roster. That’s all Jay-Z had to say.

He’ll now end up having to say plenty more than he likely expected to have to say about a deal that was soft-launched on Tuesday through the selective release of quotes to specific media outlets and formally announced on Wednesday in a setting that looked kind of like an Old Navy commercial.

The official announcement came on the three-year anniversary of the first time Kaepernick protested during the anthem. That tone-deaf bit of timing fits well with the broader lack of #selfawareness regarding the disconnect between an arrangement that promotes the movement while ignoring the man who sparked it.

92 responses to “Colin Kaepernick thanks Eric Reid, who has been criticizing the NFL/Jay-Z deal

  1. 32 football training camps going on right now with about 2,880 players, yet you put up a story from a non-football player from years past.

    Shows where your priority is… definitely not “pro football” like your name implies.

  2. Are we forgetting that Colin took money from the NFL to drop his lawsuit? What happened to HIS principles?
    Since Colin took money from the NFL, what’s wrong with Jay-Z now getting into bed with them?

  3. Reids not wrong. I don’t care what side you’re on in the issue if you feel strongly about your viewpoint and someone just randomly shows up and starts talking on your behalf as if they have the right to do it you would feel the same way. This would be like some popular country singer making a deal with the NFL and then saying fans don’t care if people kneel anymore.

  4. Sorta highlights how morally bankrupt the whole “movement” thing is and was from it’s onset. It’s all about the money, honey.
    Ain’t nuttin new here.

  5. Kap is unemployed because he wants starter money and he is not a starting caliber quarterback. That is the reason. That is the only reason. Enough already. Plenty of players, like Kenny Stills, are still gainfully employed by the NFL. Give it a rest, Kap.

  6. We should never forget the man who sparked the “kneeling on your employer’s time” movement, Blaine Gabbert.

  7. Colin should learn something about capitalism. Jay Z knows what this deal is worth and could not care less about about what it means to some silly protest and a washed up never-was.

  8. It’s very possible that the NFL owners told Jay Z that the only dealbreaker was Kaepernick. In other wprds, they proposed a deal where he has the potential to make a mountain of money, but for that to happen he has to forget about Colin.

  9. WOW, since when was CK on the receiving end of injustice? He was a horrible QB who cant pass to save his life, who quit on his team. The quitter is now sad that no team wants to pay him money for his lackluster skills. Say you’ll enter the NFL as a running back and you might get offers, and stop demanding starting qb pay while you’re at it.

  10. “Quarterback Colin Kaepernick has yet to comment…”
    That would be FORMER Quarterback Colin Kaepernick. He hasn’t been a “Quarterback” since the end of the 2016 season.

  11. This movement kind of loses steam when they don’t acknowledge stuff that happened to police officers in Dallas and yesterday in Philly.

  12. Jay-Z is a hustler not an activist. Same with Beyoncé. It’s business before everything. What do you expect. He’s not a businessman He’s a Business mannnnnnnn. Jay sees himself and his family as future elite power players throughout entertainment. When Bobby Axelrod got denied an NFL Team on Billions the guy said it’s how people were knighted in America . Jay wants to get knighted.

  13. Jay z is already sounding like a team owner. He is part of the 1% what do you expect. Jay z cares about money and that’s it. Kap should be known better than trust jiggaman. Jay z has been screwing people over since the days of naz.

  14. Why should Jay-Z make sacrifices for Kap? The NFL is a sports entertainment business that requires viewers… if Kap has become so unlikable that he would cost teams/NFL viewers/money than why should they employ him? Kap sacrificed his own career to further his own POV and he has no one to blame for those consequences but himself.

  15. I agree with others. Kaps unemployed because he wanted starter money to be a backup. He was a flash in the pan, just like Vick was with the eagles. Once defences figured them out, and they couldn’t change their styles they were done

  16. We all know that if you kneel for the anthem you can’t get a job in the NFL any longer.
    ….Wait, what?? Eric Reid and others who kneeled are on NFL rosters???

    Oh….never mind.

  17. New guy here. Quick question. Are we talking about the guy whose averaged 177 passing yards per game over his career? The guy who went 1-10 in his last season, which by the way, was 3 years ago?

    I’m pretty sure we’re thinking of the same guy but these articles about him being a quarterback keep coming up.

  18. “Jay-Z NEVER took a knee. The fact that he has the audacity to to say that, ‘I think that we’ve moved past kneeling,’ is ridiculous. He sacrificed NOTHING. In truth, he is actually capitalizing off of Kaepernick’s loss.”

    I have no opinion about Jay-z but what he’s saying is accurate. He has never said he kneeled, when he said I think we’ve move passed kneeling he’s referring to the general public being over it and that any forward movement and progress isn’t going to come from kneeling.

  19. Entertainers who involve themselves in politics or social injustices really have no business in doing so. I don’t know when this trend of the public caring how Jay-Z, Beyonce, Alyissa Milano, Sean Penn etc feel about politics or societal issues matter? These entertainers are no more experts on the subjects than your local grocer or bartender.

    The fact that citizens of this county actually care what entertainers think simply shows the further dumbing down of our society.

  20. The fact that Reid has a job and Kap doens’t show that it’s not just the kneeling.
    In life to get a job here is the equation Value>headaches.
    If you have enough value they will put up with the headaches see Bell and AB. When the headaches or drama you bring outweighs the value see Dez and Tebow. Reid is not the poster child of kneeling either I understand so his drama is lower + his talent is greater.

  21. Would someone please explain to me how an NFL team can be forced to sign someone??? If none of the teams want him then there is nothing that can be done.

  22. “The fact that he has the audacity to to say that, ‘I think that we’ve moved past kneeling,’ is ridiculous. He sacrificed NOTHING. In truth, he is actually capitalizing off of Kaepernick’s loss.” ”

    What the heck has Kaepernick actually sacrificed? The only way he even got back on the field in SF was to redo his contract in a way that gave the Niners an out and that was BEFORE the anthem brouhaha. He was done like yesterday’s dinner, nothing but a short money backup slot awaited him at best. It’s all smoke and mirrors. His ‘sacrifice’ is a sham. I honestly feel bad for Reid and all the other folks that went down his rabbit hole, it’s going to be devastating for them when they finally figure out their Jesus is nothing more than a crossmaker.

  23. “I’m not doing this deal until Colin Kaepernick is on an NFL roster.”

    The NFL would have responded “Then we’re not doing it.”

  24. Jay Z is working with the NFL and it’s players. He shouldn’t have to answer any questions about Kapernick. He hasn’t been an NFL player for years…

  25. The NFL is responsible for creating more Black Millionaire’s than any other entity in the history of world. We’re talking multi-generational wealth that will help Black Americans earn equal power in this Country. Why would Jay Z NOT take this deal?

    Seriously, because of the NFL people like the Eric Reid can ensure that his children and grandchildren leave College debt free and with the financial security to take risks that create wealth. Instead of taking a safe job to make sure we can make ends meet. It would be crazy for Jay Z to turn down this opportunity.

  26. You’re right Reid, JayZ is capitalizing, just like Kaep capitalized off people who ACTUALLY HAS INJUSTICES HAPPEN from the NFL and Nike.

  27. No Jamele, Kaep didn’t HAVE to make any sacrifices. If he had played football and tried to get better, he’d still have a job today. Making his “social injustice” about himself and kneeling was a terrible move. Work on “social injustices” on your own time and leave the NFL out if it.

  28. I’m not doing this deal until Colin Kaepernick is on an NFL roster. That’s all Jay-Z had to say.


    No, that’s what a short-sighted, overly emotional person would say. As much as people want to believe the myths change doesn’t happen in the streets protesting. It happens by inflitrating the system and changing it, which is what Jay-Z has moved on to doing if he does become an owner one day. Kaepernick paid the price, but who is going to do anything about it outside of the system? The current owners don’t care. So if you want them to care, become one and make it happen.

  29. Reid needs to realize that in order to take steps forward, you need to get up off your knee. This will bring engagement between people and hopefully educate more than Kap or Reid seem to be able to do on their own. This is a good move, during a time when a move was needed.

  30. Kap is a joke, he was never political until he lost his job and was exposed for being an average QB. He knew he was going to get cut so he made this political.

  31. namingrights says:
    August 15, 2019 at 2:13 pm
    The fact that Reid has a job and Kap doens’t show that it’s not just the kneeling.
    In life to get a job here is the equation Value>headaches.
    If you have enough value they will put up with the headaches see Bell and AB. When the headaches or drama you bring outweighs the value see Dez and Tebow. Reid is not the poster child of kneeling either I understand so his drama is lower + his talent is greater.
    Total and complete deflection on so many levels. Just face it “some” people are comfortable…almost “see I told you so” expecting the so called drama of an AB or LB. Kaep, by taking a knee brought drama to your consciousness. To something that was real people in this country still don’t want to face. As far as the conflict with Jayz…all things involving money vs. humanity go… goes prophecy.

  32. the dude got beat out by blain gabbert, then walked away from a NFL contract. tell me again how its everybody elses fault in the whole world and not his?

  33. Through all this conversation and controversy, What is rarely mentioned is police shootings which means one of two things, it was never about police shootings, or the way they went about detracted from the issue rather than putting more focus on the issue.

  34. Let’s just get this straight, Kap sacrifices NOTHING until he was benched for POOR play, then he sacrificed his self esteem by trying to cover his poor judgments with this “protest”. it is a protest now but it wasn’t when Kap first knelt. you media types need to quit glorifying a one year wonder QB

  35. It’s simple why KP ist working now. Not good enough. Why he didn’t get work a couple of years ago ? Wanted to much dough for the ability he brought and coupled with a capability of making some silly decisions that would have brought a distraction to football coaches that hate distractions that his ability wouldn’t be able to overcome. Just taking a knee wouldn’t have been the be all and end all.

  36. A couple things.. So in Reid’s mind its not ok for Jay Z to take money from the NFL until they let kap back in, but its ok for Reid to get paid from the NFL. So much for Reid having Kaps back. Just like every other lib out there, they want other people to sacrifice but are not willing to do it themselves. At least Jay Z whether you support him or not, is actually trying to do something and move forward to try to get things fixed/changed. Kap and Reid just want to blame and cry but could care less about a solution, just publicity.

  37. Anyone else think that his worst nightmare would be to have to play in a game again?

    His brand is worth so much more right where it is now.

  38. I’m not doing this deal until Colin Kaepernick is on an NFL roster. That’s all Jay-Z had to say.

    Let’s be practical. Jay-Z would never agree to this because he is after the money. Secondly, the NFL is not about to let someone dictate to them that they should give some player a job. The fact is, he was going to be offered a job by the Ravens until his girlfriend made an ignorant comment about their owner. Also, if he was going to dictate they give Kaep a job, what will Kaep’s demands be? Would he demand to be a starter just because he feels he’s been colluded against? Will he also make unrealistic salary demands? This is also more than just kneeling. He wore a shirt idolizing Fidel Castro. Forget about ever playing in Miami.

  39. Pablo Chacon says:

    August 15, 2019 at 2:48 pm

    He could easily start in Buffalo right now
    And more than likely be a better starting QB than Carr and could more than likely coach the team better than Gruden, Coach and QB of those lowly Raiders.

  40. Hang on NFL, let me see if its ok wit Kap…

    Kap mad his choices and Jay Z owes him nothing. Kap sucks as a qb and Jay Z sucks as a rapper. Bring back 2 Pac.

  41. Looking even more forward to Trump’s victory next year. That should bring a merciful end to Kaepernick and Reid wasting everyone’s time and accomplishing nothing. If anything, it had a reverse effect, and made things even worse. Well done, morons.

  42. CK’s supporters need to be honest about something……Kaepernick doesn’t actually want to play football. If he plays, then his role and identity as a martyr is done. He needs to be that martyr is he’s going to be an activist and the poster child of the movement.

    He’s had his chances. He has either asked for too much or sabotaged every real chance he’s had of signing a contract. Heck, even his girlfriend torpedoed a deal with the Ravens.

    He needs to “appear” like he wants to play. He never actually wanted to step foot back on a field.

  43. Someone needs to sign him, put him through the process, get his hopes up, then cut his ass and send him right back home. Sorry Colin, happens all the time 🤷🏻‍♂️

  44. Dude is never going to play in the league again because the one offense he was half decent at got figured out after 1 season and he’s proven he can’t play in a pro style one. He’s not a martyr and has made a fortune off of being “woke”. There was no injustice done to him and he’s not owed an NFL roster spot. Let it go.

  45. Enough about Colin not having a job. Happens in every industry where qualified people cannot get a job. He made his bed. Have a nice rest

  46. The NFL teams holding Kaepernick off of rosters = collusion
    Businesses holding out to the NFL without Kaepernick on a roster = bad business
    Why aren’t these guys calling out Nike over their contract with the NFL??? Could it be because Nike pays them? The Badge & Nike are hand in hand for years to come, but they want Jay-Z to hold out!!!!
    Talk about holding a guy back from making money!!

  47. Colin Kaepernick takes money from Nike who runs sweatshops. Then he wants to talk about injustices? Kapernick has always been a joke and Robert Kraft is the reason this deal got done in the first place not Jay Z.

  48. so are black business people not allowed doing business with the NFL until CK gets a job? is that the takeaway?

  49. All this from CK just because 3 yrs ago Colin was too lazy to get up for OUR Nation anthem and when asked about it he made up a story about social injustice. I really believe this. Proof is he would’ve told people he was kneeling before he did it..hes the real fraud!

  50. Jay Z is a self made man who built an empire from nothing. Why can’t they respect this?

  51. This guy is a hypocrite – give me a break. Two points here

    1. He was never cut front he Niners, He opted out of a contract set to pay him $13M, because he thought he could make $20M

    2. He voluntarily settled his grievance with the NFL, getting PAID to do so. He has no claim today and should have no issue with the NFL since he took their money to settle – he was PAID to be happy. Now he wants to complain that other business people want to actually work w/ the NFL to earn money? Laughable

  52. I’m not doing this deal until Colin Kaepernick is on an NFL roster. That’s all Jay-Z had to say.
    That would/will never happen. YOU ARE DELUSIONAL. He wasn't good enough 3 years ago and sitting out that long isn't going to change that.

  53. Welcome back NFL boycotters! And here I thought all the anti-kneeling,
    anti-Kaep crowd had quit the NFL for good. Judging from the froth and vitriol
    in the comments section, looks like the herd has returned en masse.

    We all know there’s no place for protesting because every thing is just fine.
    Don’t believe your eyes or anything you read, Trust me, everything is wonderful -.
    just wonderful, I tell you. Ya’ll just stay close to the herd and you’ll be safe, ya hear …?

  54. Why hasn’t narcissist Lebron James commented on this yet? He interjects himself into every situation yet is hiding from this. Because he is a die-hard kapernick suckup and worships Jay Z , he doesn’t know what to do. I wish a reporter would have the guts to ask him that question

  55. So fixing social injustice is only ok if Kaepo has a job? If not we continue to do nothing but kneel? Liberal logic. Ok got it. Thanks.

  56. If you got social problems, I feel bad for you son
    I got 99 problems, but kneeling Kaep ain’t one…
    – Every single NFL owner + Jay Z

  57. What if no “wrong” has been committed by Kaepernick? What if he has done wrong by twisting the facts and message of “oppression” (and has changed his tune over time to make it less inaccurate, not that that fixes the damage of a flawed initial one)? What if he has helped turn more innocent members of society against the vast majority of innocent and honest police we depend on for helping maintain law, order, and security?

    Still want to keep unilaterally defending him, when the “right” of his position is anything but certain? Well, okay then…

  58. Eric Reid is working. He’s back earning millions playing football. So Jay is a hypocrite because he’s earning money from the NFL? What does that make Reid?

  59. Meanwhile, the pro-freedom protesters in China are waving the American flag and singing our National Anthem. Thank God I was born in America, and I am not a multi-million dollar NFL player.

  60. Bottom Line here….If Kap could play and offer a team something he would be on a roster. You need two to tango . Is Kap willing to take back up money and shut his mouth and separate the game from a made up agenda ? He is not , so 3 years removed from not being a very good QB to begin with he sits idle and has zero chance of ever being a starter again ….it’s that simple.

  61. The EGO on these guys is incredible. The truth of the matter is you chose to turn your place of employment into a protest. There aren’t too many jobs around that would put up with that. BECAUSE it’s the NFL, you’re able to get away with it due to their need to play politics. I hope you both truly do work hard on improving social issues in this country, but get off the anthem. It was in poor taste to begin with. Talk about what you’re doing in the community to reporters. Don’t let the issue die. Keep awareness alive. But get off the anthem. And Kaep turned down a contract from the Broncos and the rest of the league decided his potential upside was not worth the headache of signing him. Let’s not act like he was coming off an all-pro year. In fact, he started his protest while backing up Blaine Gabbert. I’m not saying the two are related, like some have. I’m saying he wasn’t lighting up the world when he left the 49ers. Let’s stop acting like he’s been wronged by the NFL because some team is not giving him starter money (he’d be on a team if he really wanted to be, for a fair deal). He chose his stance, so he gets to live with the consequences. If he’s genuinely, truly about his message and the movement, then it shouldn’t matter to him about the NFL.

  62. And more than likely be a better starting QB than Carr and could more than likely coach the team better than Gruden, Coach and QB of those lowly Raiders.

    5 20 Rate This
    Carr is 7-17 in his last 24. That’s not great but its 75% more wins than your hero.
    The fact is that no one in the NFL that has started 24 games is worse than 4-20 in their last 24. That is only the guy who was benched for Blaine Gabbert twice on merit.

  63. Am I understanding this right … So Kaepernick wants to work for an NFL team – and would gladly do so if he’s offered a job, even if it’s for a backup position, but doesn’t think anyone should work with the NFL and promote social justice without his blessing (i.e. job offer)? Does he think he owns the corner on that or his lack of an offer is more important than social justice and social justice be damn if he doesn’t have an NFL gig?

  64. No matter what anyone advocating for Kaepernick says…. There is not one person on this board that would turn down a lucrative job or deal due to somebody else who is a mere acquaintance not getting hired. Anyone that says they would is a liar.

  65. Kap should have never, ever…rejected the Niners offer. If he had taken it, he would put them in the awkward position of keeping him on the roster or releasing him. Now that he’s taken money from NFL in his settlement, am I to believe that nobody else is to take money from the NFL? If the story of Jay-Z turning down the SB halftime is true, then it stands to reason that he did sacrifice something. Perhaps in his mind, once he took the settlement and Eric Reid is gainfully employed, Jay-Z decided it’s ok for him to move on and take the role offered by the NFL. I ain’t mad at him.

  66. It’s amazing how much people let their emotions get in the way of facts. In his last year, when his team was absolutely atrocious in every respect and had suffered an incredible amount of early retirements, he threw 16 TD’s and had 4 interceptions. Regardless of the vitriol and hate, he is better than almost every back up QB in the game. The story keeps shifting to how bad he was, but in fact, he doesnt have a job because he is a distraction and a threat to teams fan bases. Just look at the comments on this site and the thumbs up vs. down. White males don’t like him at all. Teams are not stupid, and they don’t the want the headache. I think Kaepernick had a very real cause. Unarmed Black kids were getting shot all over the place. His downfall was wearing the pig socks. I would wager the comments and support would have been more balanced, if only slightly, had he not made that mistake. As a football player, I wish my team had his as our backup. He made a super bowl and a championship game. People like to call it one year. He was a very good player who had crap around him once Harbaugh left. Sorry to be factual, but I’m taking emotion out of this.

  67. Kap no longer has credibility on this issue. He had a chance to expose the NFL and chose to take the money. He chose to be a self serving capitalist over a civil rights leader. He’s a hypocrite for criticizing Jay-Z for doing the same thing he did in selling out. The big difference is that Kap through his lawsuit could have exposed the NFL in discovery by having subpoenas issued making their internal communications public. Kap is a sellout who had a chance to really make a difference. Jay-Z is just a capitalist sellout.

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