Derek Carr more comfortable in Year 2 with Jon Gruden

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Raiders quarterback Derek Carr believes his second season playing for coach Jon Gruden will be significantly better than the first.

Carr told Sal Paolantonio of ESPN that Gruden’s offense is a tough one to command, but Carr now feels prepared to do it.

“Year 2, we’re having different level of conversations,” Carr said. “I have two offseasons under my belt, almost two training camps under my belt, I have a full year of experience under my belt, of knowing what checks he wants, what he wants me to get to, what his thought process is on third-and-short, on second-and-short, I know what routes he wants me checking to versus different looks. I’m doing my best just to execute this difficult offense. There’s just so much on the quarterback’s plate that it’s different from some of the other systems that I’ve been in.”

After a disappointing season in his return to Oakland, Gruden is counting on Carr being ready to play a lot better than he did last year.

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  1. Man, listening to Carr talk for five minutes you can tell he doesn’t have the mental capacity for an offense like Gruden’s. 4-12

  2. in 6 seasons this will only be his 2nd time having the same play caller 2 years in a row. should be interesting.

  3. Outsiders really don’t understand. When Carr was confident and slinging the ball, he was an MVP candidate (and I’m fairly sure would have won had he not been injured X-Mas 2016). Hasn’t really been the same since.

    We all thought upgrading Musburger in 2017 was a great idea (as he was holding the offense back). No so much. Now in a Gruden offense and a veteran of the league and Gru’s system, with all the added weapons and an upgrade at RT, Carr should return to form.

    It’s pretty apparent they gave him the keys and he’s really taken ownership of the team. He told Sal in the full interview that he and Gruden planned to be contenders together for 10 years.

    We’ll see. I think we can all agree it’s a very pivotal year for Derek.

  4. 2018 was very tough on Carr, there is no argument there. He really did struggle himself to start the year, but he made strides along the way and had a much better second half.

    One problem no one talks about is as he was getting better, the team around him got a lot worse: they traded Cooper, lost Marshawn Lynch, had to play the 2 rookie tackles, both guards got injured towards the end of the year, Jordy Nelson was just a shell of himself by the end, etc.

    This year not only is it his second year in the system, but the talent level around him and the depth of the team is just night and day. He really should have a good season, I think everything is in place for that to happen.

  5. jjfootball says:
    August 15, 2019 at 5:32 pm
    He’s going to have an awesome year!


    If by “awesome” you mean throw more interceptions than TDs then yes he will

  6. He threw for 4000+ yards last year. He had an awful offensive team around him. He may not be the second coming of Drew Brees, but he is far from a bad quarterback. If the Raiders move on from him after this year, he will be unemployed for about five minutes.

  7. jjfootball says:
    August 15, 2019 at 5:32 pm
    He’s going to have an awesome year!


    If by “awesome” you mean throw more interceptions than TDs then yes he will

    122tds, 54ints in his career, never once thrown more picks than tds but keep being you, he’s not Josh Allen

  8. Remind me again of the names of the quarterbacks Gruden has developed? I’m struggling to recall.


    None had the raw talent of a Derek Carr. Plus, Gru likes vets to run his offense. Rich Gannon was a respected backup in KC but it’s not like he was an All Pro Bowl/MVP-type (I know, he was MVP 2002, year after Gruden traded) until he worked in Gruden’s system for a year. Brad Johnson in 2001 had 13 TDs to 11 INTs. In 2002, he was 22:6 (and played in 3 fewer games), went to the Pro Bowl for the first time in several seasons.

    Also, this silly, 17 year old debate about Gruden winning with Dungy’s team:

    1. Dungy, great coach, never got that great D over the hump
    2. Gruden did with roughly the same roster (9-7 under Dungy, 12-4 under Gruden)
    3. The team he beat he BUILT into a Super Bowl team.

    Either way, Gruden was gonna be a Super Bowl-winning coach that year.

  9. Carr is like a better Sam Bradford. He takes the check down too easily. That’s why Amari Cooper was wasted there. He’s a downfield WR and Carr doesn’t take the deep shots.

    That’s part of why they got AB, because he can turn those short throws into big plays.

  10. Raiders fans if the they only win three games it could be worse. You could be fans of the Dolphins which Flores will lead them to 0-32. But the Raiders will win more than that and they play in the toughest division in football.

  11. Most super bowls are won by HOF QB’s and most HOF coaches won their super bowls with HOF QB’s. Jon Gruden won a super bowl with an average QB, so he doesn’t need a Tom Brady to win super bowls. Derek Carr is plenty good enough to win a super bowl. Remember, Gruden inherited a team that had one winning season in the last 15 years, so it’s tough to clean up that big of a mess overnight. They installed completely new offense and defense, and Gruden is still overhauling the roster. The Raiders were very competitive the last half of the season, and the personnel this year will be twice as strong. 12-4 this year is very possible with Derek Carr.

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