ESPN hires Jack Del Rio for television and radio work

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Jack Del Rio has another job.

And if he brings his ax this time, it will be must-see TV.

ESPN announced the hiring of the former Jaguars and Raiders head coach to its gargantuan stable of former players and coaches, announcing that he’ll appear on “NFL Live, SportsCenter, ESPN Radio and more.”

“Jack was highly successful as a player and coach,” ESPN vice president Seth Markman  He sees the game from both perspectives, and he doesn’t shy away from sharing his honest opinion. He will be a great addition to our ESPN team.”

Del Rio had a 93-94 record in 12 seasons as a head coach, but deserves credit for for posting three 11-plus-win seasons and playoff appearances, while working for organizations not known for great stability.

He played 11 seasons in the league with the Saints, Chiefs, Cowboys, and Vikings, collecting over 1,000 tackles.

The last we heard from him, he was distancing himself from the Jaguars’ decision to draft Blaine Gabbert (which you can’t really blame him for, though he suspected us of ulterior motives).

6 responses to “ESPN hires Jack Del Rio for television and radio work

  1. Jack really blew it when he opted to replace offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave with Todd Downing.

    He put his head in the line and lost.

    Having said that, I wish him all the best moving forward.

  2. Didn’t stop Del Rio from inserting Gabbert as the starter in the second game of the season despite the fact that there was no real pre season preparation that year due to the lockout.

  3. For all the crap that Gabbert takes, he’s in his 9th season and has played every year as a starter or backup. Two of the three players taken immediately ahead of him in the draft have been out of the league for a few years, and two of the three players taken immediately behind him have as well. The two still in the league, Watt and Ty Smith are so beat up next game could be their last. Half the players in the top half of that draft have been great, half have been washouts due to drugs or injury. Even the successful players are cheating, at least a couple of them start the year suspended. Petersen and Quinn. Dareus is only playing because he hasn’t been busted recently.

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