Lamar Jackson not afraid to run in preseason

Getty Images

No one doubts Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson‘s running ability. Some may question how much he should run in the preseason.

After not running at all in the Ravens’ first preseason game, Jackson showed off his spectacular running ability in tonight’s second preseason game.

Jackson ran twice for 14 yards in the first quarter and then uncorked a spectacular 18-yard run in which he hurdled a defender on the way to the end zone. That touchdown was called back on a penalty, but it showed Jackson isn’t afraid to put his body on the line and run, even in the preseason.

The commentators on the Ravens’ local TV broadcast questioned whether Jackson should be risking taking hits like that in the preseason, and coach John Harbaugh may feel the same way. When the regular season starts, Jackson is likely to run more than any other quarterback in the NFL. In the preseason, the running he’s done tonight may be all he needs to do.