Medical spotter pulls Eagles’ Cody Kessler from game

Getty Images

Eagles quarterback Cody Kessler was removed from tonight’s game against the Jaguars after the independent medical spotter signaled to the referee to have him checked for a concussion.

The decision came after Jaguars pass rusher Datone Jones came in unblocked from the blind side and planted Kessler into the ground. Kessler got up and did not appear to be hurt, brought the Eagles back to the line and called the signals, but just as the ball was being snapped for the next play, the referee blew it dead and announced, “The game is being stopped for a medical timeout.”

Under NFL rules, every game has a certified athletic trainer who watches players for possible injuries, especially after hits to the head. That spotter has the authority to have a player removed from the game for an evaluation.

The hit from Jones was the second hard hit Kessler took on the opening drive of the game, having previously been tackled at the end of a 14-yard run.

With starting quarterback Carson Wentz not playing tonight and backup Nate Sudfeld injured, the Eagles are down to Clayton Thorson, a fifth-round rookie, as the only available quarterback if Kessler can’t return.