Bengals impressed with “cool and calm” Ryan Finley

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Bengals rookie quarterback Ryan Finley got his chance with the second offense last night, and turned in another performance that could help him earn the backup job.

The fourth-round pick finished the night against Washington 20-of-26 for 150 yards and two touchdowns.

He was very cool and calm. We’ve got a lot of confidence with him in there,” Bengals coach Zac Taylor said , via Tyler Dragon of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “I thought he did a nice job.”

Finley’s stat line included completing his first eight passes, as he led a 12-play, 93-yard touchdown drive upon entering the game, after the starters managed two punts and an interception in three series.

He’s competing with Jeff Driskel for the backup job at the moment, assuming Andy Dalton‘s grip on the starting job is secure.

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  1. He’ll be the starter before the years out, because Zac isn’t afraid to bench veterans ( Marvin was afraid to pull the trigger).

  2. I am commenting with very limited information about the team/organization.

    Is Andy Dalton a product of a poorly run team or just an average talent who started off strong? Seems strange that he has fizzled as quickly as he has.

  3. Dalton’s “fizzle” has been largely over-stated. Also over-stated is the preseason hype surrounding Finley. He has looked great. In two preseason games, he has all but staked his claim as the backup QB. But it’s been two preseason games. Taylor’s divergence from Marvin Lewis’ mindset aside, Finley is not going to beat out Dalton in 2019. Barring injury, Dalton will start 16 games as the team’s best QB.

    Maybe Dalton’s days are numbered (two preseason games don’t tell us anything), and that number is pretty firmly extending into 2020 as the team’s starter. He’ll play out his current contract as the starter (and deservedly so). Maybe 2021 is going to be Finley’s time. Maybe not. Again, two preseason games. Let’s calm down.

  4. Dalton has proven to be a good QB when given talent around him. That being said, I think Taylor probably let’s him walk when his contract is up. I see a total rebuild in the near future

  5. My point about Dalton is more about contract than talent. I don’t think they ‘re sign Dalton. He’s due a big payday next year. Will he earn it this year? Wins and loses will determine that.

  6. ckruz89 says:

    Is Andy Dalton a product of a poorly run team or just an average talent who started off strong? Seems strange that he has fizzled as quickly as he has.
    A bit of both. Dalton’s “fizzle” seems to be two things – The first being the offensive coordinator spot. He started with Jay Gruden and then had Hue Jackson after Jay went to DC. These were the years he was at his best. Under Zampese and lazor, he regressed some.

    Second thing – around the time Hue left, Zeitler and Whitworth, the two best linemen on the team, left. Whit was also a bit of a leader in the locker room (which helped, because Dalton isn’t known as the most vocal guy). The team had planned for this by drafting to linemen. Of course, they turned out to be busts, and his line has been made up of second tier guys, journeymen FA acquisitions and some rookies with potential but little experience.

    Throw in turnover at WR (Mo Sanu and Marvin Jones leaving, Eifert always hurt, etc) and its a messy situation. One of the playoff games they lost they had their third string RB as their 2nd WR because the whole team was injured.

    Depending on your point of view, Dalton is an above average guy who would lead a team to some playoff wins (He reminds me of Flacco) but has been dealing with a patchwork team that’s holding him back, or he’s just not the gamechanger QB that teams are looking for right now that can elevate a whole team. Personally, I think its a bit of both

  7. I would say Finley has secured the backup job. Starting against first team defenses is a different story. I’m all for letting guys compete but I’d like to see how Dalton does in a new offense first before pulling the trigger. If the season is lost the last 4-6 games fine but there’s no reason to make any change after only 2 preseason games. I think Dalton will end up playing out his deal and if there’s not a drastic jump for him that makes him a top 5 qb then let him walk and go with Finley or draft someone and build around them while you have them on a good contract.

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