Broncos offense “very choppy” in joint practice with 49ers


The Broncos hosted the 49ers for a joint practice on Friday and their offense proved to be quite the hospitable host.

Quarterback Joe Flacco said that the unit was “below average” over the course of the session while offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello went with “very choppy” as his description of how things played out on the field.

“I think we let them kind of set the tone, and we weren’t really able to kind of get it back and settle it back to our style,” Flacco said, via the team’s website. “Obviously in a practice tempo when you’re not going and driving the ball and getting first downs, it’s not quite the same as a game. You can’t weather the storm quite the same. That’s all part of it.”

Flacco was able to find a bright side to a rough day on the field. He said teams aren’t going to have things go their way all the time and are “going to have to learn how to deal with tough times and with some adversity and getting hit in the face and standing up to it” if they are going to succeed.

The first test of that resiliency will come on Saturday when they host the 49ers for another practice.