Browns received Freddie Kitchens’s pre-practice message not to back down

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After fights break out at a training camp practice, it’s not uncommon to hear coaches bemoan the scuffling as both an injury risk and a diversion that gets in the way of beneficial on-field work.

Given the number of fights that broke out at Thursday’s joint practice between the Browns and Colts, you’d expect to hear responses like that and Colts head coach Frank Reich said, via the Indianapolis Star, that he wants to “continue to try to eliminate those things.”

The reaction was a bit different on the Browns side. Head coach Freddie Kitchens’s message to his team after Wednesday’s practice was that “we’re not going to back down anybody” and said after the session that he felt it was received.

“These guys are resilient from the standpoint of we can identify a problem and these guys work to fix it,” Kitchens said, via “We identified that problem last night, and they came out and fixed it. . . . We just have a way that we are going to treat our practices. That is how we’re going to practice. It doesn’t matter who we’re going against. We learned a lot about ourselves from the standpoint of that’s how you have to approach it. You keep your tempo. Let everybody else adjust to yours, not the other way around.”

Kitchens was happy about the way his team practiced and he’ll get to see if it carries over to the field when the two teams face off in Indianapolis on Saturday.

17 responses to “Browns received Freddie Kitchens’s pre-practice message not to back down

  1. Nice. This team has a giant ego and a discipline problem. Enjoy the season.

  2. Love this approach, however, Freddie’s walkin a fine line here…..can’t let the inmates run the prison

  3. Dwayne Rudd helmet off 15 yd penalty that costs them the game waiting to happen right here.

  4. The more you hear from Kitchens it’s pretty clear why no other team thought he was qualified to be a coordinator let alone a head coach . Williams was the guy that should have been named coach but the bromance between Mayfield and Kitchens proved to be too much for Haslam to resist . Babysitting a single player is is a lot less complicated then running an entire team especially with zero experience of being in charge . Kitchens is in way over his head and the coming season will prove it .

  5. 4-12, and not backing down from any team while being totally demolished on both sides of the ball..

  6. I love this team but I have no idea why they keep making the bull’s eye on them bigger and bigger by saying things like this to the media.

  7. Don’t back down until someone gets mad that you hurt their player. It will become a problem when someone takes out mayfield.
    For a guy who was a position coach and hasn’t amounted to anything and a team who had the worst history of maybe any sports team since 1995, they sure talk a lot of crap.

    NHL teams always turn it around after a mid season coaching change, the. Often fall back to reality the following season

  8. Love the hate. it only fuels them. Mayfield loves to prove people wrong.Don’t know where the thought of an ego problem comes in. The are the first ones to admit they haven’t won squat.

  9. Meanwhile, OBJ is becoming the elder statesman and voice of wisdom in Cleveland.
    Can’t make this stuff up.

  10. stoolerz says:
    August 16, 2019 at 9:33 am
    Love the hate. it only fuels them. Mayfield loves to prove people wrong.Don’t know where the thought of an ego problem comes in.


    Baker Mayfield: “The hype is so real.” No ego, though.

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