Cards G.M. positive about QB, not the rest of team

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Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim is still encouraged about the progress of rookie quarterback Kyler Murray.

The rest of his roster, on the other hand, . . .

Keim said during an interview on 98.7 Arizona Sports that he’s still positive about the signs Murray’s showing, after a lackluster performance in last night’s game against the Raiders.

I have a tremendous amount of confidence in our quarterback,” Keim said, via Darren Urban of the team’s official website. “He has a supreme amount of confidence. For him to have a night like that is, to me, what you want early on. To see the different looks, different pressures, and to go through growing pains. That’s the only way a young guy like that can evolve.”

He certainly only has one way to go after a 3-of-8 for 12 yard passing night, with a 4-yard run to augment a pretty measly stat line. Between the lack of production and the false start penalties for clapping, it was a second game to forget.

And that might have led to the fairly pointed assessment of the rest of the team.

“The mindset I have — and I think the players need to adopt this a little more — is that we are not the Arizona Cardinals now,” Keim said. “We are 90 men that are trying to win a job. There is no doubt, Larry Fitzgerald, Christian Kirk, Kyler Murray, Chandler Jones, all those guys are on this football team, They’re Cardinals. but until we get down to 53, you have to win a job here. There are a number of players who maybe have gotten too comfortable or think they are going to make this team, maybe they aren’t playing with the level of urgency I would like to see.

“If we have to claim 15 guys [on the waiver wire] and replace those players, we’ll do what we have to do.”

They’ll certainly be in position to do just that thanks to last year’s results (with the roster assembled by Keim), but it also underscores the price they are paying for organizational instability. When you hire a coach, allow him to change schemes, bring in new people and then fire him after a year and do it all over again, it creates a situation in which quick fixes aren’t necessarily possible, without picking through the discard pile and hoping for the best.

25 responses to “Cards G.M. positive about QB, not the rest of team

  1. Did the GM watch the last game? 1.5 yards per pass is not a “sure thing”………

  2. ““The mindset I have — and I think the players need to adopt this a little more — is that we are not the Arizona Cardinals now,” Keim said.

    Keim is a huge part of the reason they ARE the Arizona Cardinals. When’s the last time you saw a GM use his first round draft pick on a QB two straight years? If he doesn’t like the roster he should look in the mirror and talk to the guy in charge of assembling it.

  3. What exactly does GM Steve Keim give any Cardinal fan hope for? The organization is a disaster and yes Steve they do look like the Arizona Cardinals. The same Arizona Cardinals with 90 players running around the filed that will have a losing record at seasons end and a top ten pick in next years draft.

  4. It was the RAIDERS that dismantled his team. So it’s understandble that he’d want to use getting cut as motivation.

  5. If Murray is a generational talent then even in a base offense with a HOF receiver and arguably one of the best RB’s in league going against a normal base defense that includes blitzing his talent should have easily overpowered what was one of the worst, if not the worst, defenses in the NFL last year. The issues last night was clearly Murray isn’t ready for the speed of the NFL game and coaching ability, which was evident at Tech. Wonder what the betting odds are of a team getting a new coach and drafting a QB in the first round for three years in a row…

  6. Reality. Introduce yourselves to it Arizona fans. This team stinks from top to bottom. Cleveland took 30 years to find a talented quarterback…don’t think you’re any different. Player turnover…coaching turnover…soon to be front office turnover…that’s the recipe for “generational” cellar dwelling.

  7. Larry Fitz said that he’s never seen a QB do what Kyler has done so early in their career…Did Larry mean like what we saw last night. This is the danger with hyping up rookie prospects that hasn’t done anything.

  8. Due to recent history is it fair to ask if he was drunk when making these comments?

    False praise on your QB while trashing the rest of the team is no way to help build a leader. Does this guy think that Murray is so weak willed that he needs this puff up after a bad game, or is he just a fool?

  9. Exhibit A of why that offense isn’t going to work in the NFL. In college it works because there are lots of missed tackles that allow 3-yard passes to become 20-yard gains. But you don’t see many missed tackles in the NFL. And if you don’t stretch the field then the defense will all just walk up near the line of scrimmage and suddenly there’s no spaces for all those short routes.

  10. In Kyler Murray’s defense, I saw an OL that could not stop a high school defense. I saw a group of receivers that, for the most part, could not create separation. I saw a team led by a former college coach with a losing record make mistake after mistake.

    If I were a Cardinal’s fan I would set my expectations real low. I would be worried about going 0-16. I would look forward to the occasional/rare upsets that might happen.

  11. And with the 1st pick in the 2020 NFL Draft the Arizona Cardnials select Tua Tagovailoa!

  12. lacarpetron says:
    August 16, 2019 at 3:00 pm

    The pundits were right this time – Daniel Jones should have gone #1!

    I said it a dozen times before the Draft “there wasn’t a true 1st round QB in this years draft”!

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