Daniel Jones has another good outing but loses two fumbles


Daniel Jones had almost as many fumbles as he had incompletions in the first half of the Giants’ game against the Bears on Friday night.

A week after going 5-for-5 for 67 yards and a touchdown, Jones went 11-for-14 for 161 yards and a touchdown. His touchdown was a strike to T.J. Jones in the corner of the end zone for a 15-yard score with 1:14 remaining in the half.

Earlier in the half, Jones dropped in a pass to Cody Latimer in tight coverage for a 40-yard gain.

The only negative for Jones were his two lost fumbles, one on a dropped snap and another when James Vaughters got around the corner and knocked the ball out of Jones’ hand.

Eli Manning played one series, leading the Giants on a 10-play, 79-yard touchdown drive. Manning was 4-for-4 for 42 yards and an 8-yard touchdown pass to Bennie Fowler.

Jones entered the game on the Giants’ second possession.

In his five drives, he lost a fumble; the Giants went three-and-out; he lost a fumble; the Giants kicked a field goal; and Jones threw a touchdown pass.

The Giants lead 19-6 at intermission.

11 responses to “Daniel Jones has another good outing but loses two fumbles

  1. This was a painful game to watch even by preseason standards. The Bears depth is not as advertised… a lot of easy cuts based on what I saw tonight. And their QBs 2 and 3 are both awful, just in different ways.

  2. Went to this game..Giants were the better team, Bears played with no energy or plan. Sloppy Jo Lopy

  3. A good two fumble outing, The truth is he looked like he lost
    his confidence after the first fumble.

  4. I’ll need to re watch the game but it seems like it was one read throws if that wasn’t there he had trouble … also I’ve seen a lot of no name back ups with just as good numbers this pre season … so who knows until the real bullets are flying.

  5. “QB fumbling problems usually means…”

    … that someone didn’t watch the game.

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