Jay Gruden unhappy with pass interference replays

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Washington coach Jay Gruden was left scratching his head on Thursday night by two separate instances of the league’s new use of replay review for pass interference penalties.

Gruden was on the wrong side of both pass interference reviews. The first, an offensive pass interference call on Washington receiver Kelvin Harmon, appeared to be a textbook example of why the league decided to allow challenges for pass interference: Just about everyone who saw it thought it was a bad call. But somehow Gruden lost his challenge.

“I need an explanation for that one,” Gruden said. “I don’t know. All I know is I want Kelvin Harmon to do that every time the ball is in the air. That’s why we drafted him because he’s aggressive when the ball in the air. If he can’t do what he did in this game then I don’t know what he can do. I’m going to continue to coach Kelvin Harmon to go up and go get the ball like he did tonight and good things will happen for him. We’ll get the explanation, hopefully.”

The second instance also involved Harmon. This time he made a catch and wasn’t flagged, but Bengals coach Zac Taylor challenged, and the league officiating office ruled that Harmon had committed offensive pass interference. Gruden said he disagreed with that call as well.

Gruden said he wouldn’t do anything differently in the regular season as far as deciding when to challenge a call. But he would like to get a better idea of how the league officiating office is going to rule on pass interference challenges. With the regular season now less than three weeks away, the league needs to get all the kinks worked out.

45 responses to “Jay Gruden unhappy with pass interference replays

  1. I rarely complain about refs but the calls and reviews were really demoralizing to view as a football fan. Luckily it was just preseason because complete phantom calls and such botched reviews would destroy the outcome for any team. Really embarrassing for the Nfl.

  2. first one was ticky tack, I agree second one was blatant though, waste of a challenge

  3. I can’t stand the Redskins, but these calls made no sense. The whole point of the replay system is to overturn bad calls. If they aren’t going to do this, just leave the system as-is and don’t waste everyone’s time with replays.

  4. If you’re a fan of a less popular/small market team…
    … continue to expect nfl officiating to find a way
    to keep your team from winning.

    I thought replay would make it harder for the nfl to steal a wins
    from less popular/small market teams.

    Amazingly… the nfl doesn’t care how nfl officiating is perceived.

    They will gladly (without guilt) snatch a victory from a less popular/small market
    in the brighter glare of slow motion, high definition replay.

    A balanced playing field was the basis of good sportsmanship.
    Unfortunately… those days are long gone.

  5. bengalguy says:
    August 16, 2019 at 8:55 am
    Sour grapes

    I know right? Just think, if Brees had not choked away the NFCCG then none of this would be a thing….

  6. How many PI calls are going to stand because there isn’t a great camera angle of the receivers and DBs downfield? Unless networks are going to keep cameras trained on the routes, I think there will be a lot of calls that stand simply because there’s no real view of them.

    Again, the overreaction to the NFC championship game has not improved the game. At all. Hopefully the NFL ditches the PI review for next season.

  7. The NFL will never get it right because that’s who they are. The fact is, there are too many rules and this whole replay system sucks. It creates more controversy than it eliminates.
    I wish they’d get rid of all the replays and just let the officials on the field call the games as they did for about 85 years. I think it would take away their hesitancy to make calls because they aren’t worried about replay.
    All the replay system does is slow the game down and create another level of controversy.
    Get rid of it!!!!!

  8. The 2nd, the DB didn’t even turn to face the ball. Was a terrible call. The first one was very ticky-tack. If this is how it’s going to be called from now on have fun with that.

  9. Coaches need to keep throwing the challenge flag
    so Riveron and his crews get a clearer sense of
    what they’ll tolerate and what they’ll call –
    and how much evidence they need to see before
    they overturn a bad call on the field.

    Bad calls happen – how they correct them is what counts.
    Need a baseline and above all .. consistency.

  10. The first call against Harmon was just as atrocious as the non-call in the Saints – Rams playoff game. This 1-year interference replay “experiment” won’t stick around if stuff like this happens. It’s still preseason for the refs too but fans will be livid if this happens when it really counts.

  11. Two terrible calls against the Redskins.

    I have a feeling this PI replay thing is gonna get ugly.

  12. Whether you like replay or not, they are using the replay correctly. It is only going to be changed if it is as “CLEAR AND OBVIOUS” as it was on the Saints call. They aren’t going to change calls that are the least bit iffy and they shouldn’t. Coaches are testing this and they will be throwing less flags during the season because the officials are using replay for PI correctly.

  13. Stop complaining about the refs. The NFL relies on it’s ability to manipulate the outcomes of the point spreads. Why do you think they keep playing dumb? They’re not really dumb at all. We’re the ones who fall for it.

  14. Oh yeah I thought the replay for PI was meant to stop tampering but I guess it’s more in place so they can change outcome of games … just use that for obvious things like the Saints receiver geting steam rolled , not hand fighting … talk about going from one extreme to another sheesh.

  15. So you guys saying it is used correctly … on that first OPI it was not used correctly that was blatant DPI the defender was beat why do you think he was chasing behind the receiver not looking for the ball … on the second OPI it was used correctly for tug on the shoulder of the defender and defender was looking for the ball … so I choose to believe my own eyes that if that were a game that counted , I would believe that games was being tamperd with … its right there on REPLAY .

  16. that first call was embarrassingly bad, if anything it was defensive p.i. if that’s the best officials can do with replay, just scrap it now. second p.i. call was totally legit tho.

  17. steaksandwichandsteaksandwich says:
    August 16, 2019 at 8:46 am
    Don’t … review … judgment … calls.
    Offensive pass interference has specific criteria just like defensive pass interference. these are not judgement calls.

    and smart people knew that there would be an increase in offensive pass interference calls with the introduction of replay because the officials rarely call it, especially pick plays near the goal line.

  18. If they had this replay review of interference when Michael Irvin played, he’d have gotten a flag on every play!!

    Michael Irvin pushed off more than any WR in the history of the NFL and he fully admits that, today!!!!!

  19. Washington is not a protected team like KC where an obvious crap on the shield moment happened and Roger applauded it, so get use to it Jay, ignoring obvious mistakes.

  20. thanks, Saint fans…

    Don’t thank us. Thank the officials in last year’s NFCCG.

  21. Though old news, the camera angles for the Rams/Saints interference call were inadequate. The call didn’t cause the Saints to lose – not stopping the Rams from tying the game didn’t help the league argument. Payton is still crying over it and got 24+ owners to make 31 other coaches cry at at least three or four times this season.

    The rule is withdrawn over the winter for too many stoppages and ticky-tacky hand checks. Holding is just as bad.

  22. The entire thing is ridiculous. A complete knee jerk reaction by the NFL because of a missed call in a game. The slow decline of the NFL continues.

  23. I think Jay has real problems – poor QB play, poor defensive play, awful special teams, and the inability to get an offense off the field and an inability to have more than 3 play drives. The draft bust from Ohio State looked overwhelmed on every pass other than the TD one – but he is a turnover machine having now coughed it up three times in two games. He seems rather easy to sack and he shows he is really a running back who passes to change things up.

  24. It was really weird. That kid Harmon was making great plays and the refs kept getting the calls flat wrong. No push off, no hands to face. Just jumping and catching.

  25. Just another way to make sure the outcome of the game goes the way Vegas wants. That’s why football and basketball have halftimes. How many games are one sided until halftime and then they can’t score and can’t stop the other team.

  26. Video reviews are a good thing. Games and championships have been won or lost on controversial calls and non-calls in the past. I disagree with many of the conclusions made after the reviews, but at least there are times when they do get it right. Without challenges, zero bad call would be reversed.

  27. It would be very simple to get all the calls right. They could have a replay system where they have refs monitoring the games in real time and relaying down to the field with zero delays. The reason the NFL keeps trotting out these ridiculous rules changes and tweaks to the replay system is because they want to make it so annoying that we just throw our hands up and say to do away with entire replay system once and for all. I see many are already taking the bait. I mean, I can literally sit on my couch, 2,000 miles away, and with the one TV angle, and get most calls right within 1 or 2 seconds. I could radio the call down to the field before the ball rolls dead on most plays. They keep playing dumb, and they’re not dumb. They’re manipulating the point spreads. I don’t care because I don’t bet on NFL games. The games are still very entertaining for me, even when I know they’re manipulating things. The good news for gamblers is you have a 5-50 chance of being on the right side of the fix.

  28. The reviews are horrendous, even the one in the end zone during the Eagles game was bad.. There was a very tiny “jersey grab” but it was a ton of hand checking between the two, no actual interference.

  29. Said it before and I’ll say it again, use of replay for judgement calls is the DUMBEST & WORST decision possible, all because Sean Payton whined loud enough. Yep, it was an awful call in the NFC championship game, that sucks for them, that’s where it should’ve been left but now, with this bogus f’ing rule, the other 31 teams and their fans have to suffer so baby Payton can get his way. PLEASE get rid of this before the games start to count or who knows what’s next, reviews for holding on the o-line? Illegal contact? Just what we (fans) want, the refs to be just as involved as the players on the field

  30. The nfl can botch calls in a preseason game and all the dummies on PFT call for removal of replay. Makes total sense for a group who appear to favor the Rams-Saints outcome at the expense of fair play. If the results don’t matter, then just watch old games with commercials removed and you can have the same level of enjoyment. But if they do matter, then support the only way we can get calls right: replay.

  31. This is incompetence pure and simple. I’m glad Payton made them put this rule in. Even with REPLAYS they still can’t get anything right. Replays only work if the people looking at them have a clue as to what exactly pass interference actually is.

  32. “If they aren’t going to do this, just leave the system as-is and don’t waste everyone’s time with replays.”

    But…Saints tears

  33. Let’s not forget that call against Josh Norman for leading with the helmet when he was just making a play on the ball.

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