Josh Rosen starting for Dolphins

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Ryan Fitzpatrick may or may not play tonight. He was not among the players the Dolphins listed as out against the Bucs.

But Josh Rosen will start, according to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald.

The second-year quarterback got work with the first team this week and now gets a chance to make a case to be the Dolphins’ starter on opening day.

Dolphins coach Brian Flores said earlier this week he expected Fitzpatrick to start against the Bucs but said the plan could change. It apparently has.

The Dolphins have injury issues at offensive tackle, with Zach Sterup and Jordan Mills sitting out tonight’s game, so that could have influenced the decision. Of course, Miami might just want to see Rosen with the first unit.

7 responses to “Josh Rosen starting for Dolphins

  1. Ha ha, Cards want Rosen back, or will take Fitz – swapsies for that imp running back Kyler?

  2. No matter who starts it will be a beat down with the Fins OL. Watch they switch back and forth till one of them totally cant get off the turf.

  3. Flores is showing his ineptitude by putting Rosen in first (without many first team reps), in a rain game, with an offensive line that resembles the Cardinal line last year. Two of first three passes are dropped so hopefully the Dolphin first team receivers are not in. I bet Fitzpatrick suggested this ploy to ensure he wins the rigged “competition”. Tank for Tua must be the Dolphin’s mantra this year. They don’t care if they destroy Rosen’s career. Why not give him all the first team reps before putting him out first? Why is Fitzgerald competing with him instead of mentoring? Why wait until the last minute to name Rosen the starting QB? The Dolphins care nothing for the careers of their players – it’s all about selling the seats; no one seems to care that Flores set Rosen up or that Fitzpatrick has undermined the kid. Disgusting!

  4. They are NOT giving Rosen a chance to prove himself playing him with no starting OL or WR or RB. What do you expect to see from him?!?!? Flores you have not impressed me one bit yet.
    Give the kid a real chance one way or another. But dont judge him when every WR he throws to will be handling packages for UPS in 2 weeks!!!!

  5. So I see highlights of 3 Florida teams. Will they amass a total of 10 wins between them? I’m guessing not unless they play each other. Jacksonville may end up best at 6-10.

  6. Genius move by Flores. He figures Rosen is used to running for his life after last year with the Arizona Matadors, AKA Cardinals. Everyone thought Rosen went to a better team, but maybe the 2019 Dolphins will give last year’s Cardinals a run for their money.

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