Raiders hope to see Antonio Brown on field soon


Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown didn’t play last night, but what he did on the field was still encouraging.

In fact, Raiders coach Jon Gruden said he hoped the enigmatic wide receiver would be able to practice with the team before they break camp in Napa — which is Monday.

Via Scott Bair of, Brown ran some routes and caught passes from Derek Carr before last night’s game, apparently over the frozen feet (which were his more easily explained problem, for what that’s worth).

Hell yeah, it was encouraging,” Gruden said. “It was great to have him back. You know, it has been a strange couple of weeks with frostbite and his helmet grievance. I can’t say that it’s common, at least in my history in this league. He has weathered the storm, and it’s great to see him out there with his teammates.

“He appears to be in great spirits and appears like he’s ready to get going. That’s Antonio Brown. We’re excited about him. I’m excited about him and could care less what anyone else says, honestly.”

Brown missed 12 of the 13 practices during camp so far, but Carr said it was hard to tell based on what he saw.

“He’s such a good player, and we’ve spent so much time together that I knew when he came back, it’d be like he never left,” Carr said. “That’s our brother, and we’re just happy that he’s here so we can put our arms around him and move forward.”

At least until the next thing.