Jarrett Stidham turns heads again with 193 passing yards


It’s early, but could the Patriots possibly have drafted another third-day quarterback who turns into a starter?

Although no one should overreact to preseason stats or results, Jarrett Stidham has not looked like the stage is too big or the lights too bright.

Tom Brady did not play Saturday night.

Instead, Brian Hoyer started and played four series, into the second quarter, before Stidham replaced him. The fourth-round pick went the distance, completing 14 of 19 passes for 193 yards and a touchdown.

His 23-yard touchdown pass to Damoun Patterson with 4:12 remaining completed an 11-play, 99-yard drive that gave the Patriots a 22-17 victory.

In the Patriots’ preseason opener, Stidham was 14-for-24 for 179 yards and a touchdown.

Stidham did start in the Big 12 for Baylor and in the SEC at Auburn, so he is accustomed to big games in front of big crowds. It is showing so far as Stidham has handled himself admirably.

30 responses to “Jarrett Stidham turns heads again with 193 passing yards

  1. Everyone hopes that Stidham will play for 20 years with the Patriots and will win as many superbowls as Brady. Patriots fans will celebrate and the haters will also be happy because they can keep their hobby going for another 2 decades.

  2. I hope he gets to sit behind & learn from the GOAT for 3 more years…..then steps in when Brady hangs up his cleats at 45….. couldn’t ask for a more perfect scenario

  3. We know what happened last time someone challenged Brady.Brady got a League MVP and 2 Superbowl rings. Obviously this time around Brady will not be able to pack his bags but he will have some extra motivation this year and possibly the following year.

  4. THis kid can already read a defense better than most 2 year QB’s! He is amazingly calm in the pocket, and is smart when he has to dash and run!… If he does continue to learn and show poise in this fashion, he has a great chance to be a very good NFL QB. Add to the Mix WR Meyers, Harry, Berrios, Inman, running backs Michel and Harris and the Patriots Defense then this could be another decade of dominance… I will say though on the O-Line, the Big “Skipper” looked out of place and sure coulda used his Little Buddy Gilligan!

  5. Preseason, but he did look good. Brady can’t last forever, eventually they’ll have to have an “heir apparent” that they keep – maybe this is the one?

  6. Pats have a QB controversy now. Should Stidham or Brady be the starter? 😊

    I guess the only solution is to trade Brady for three or four first round picks. 😄

  7. This dude is gonna show he’s the best QB to come out of the drat in the last few yrs!! Another two decades of dominance will bury all the haterzzzzz as their tears will run out for good!! The PATRIOT WAY will be in good hands!!

  8. He only fell into the 3rd day because of a seemingly naff final college year that simply wasn’t his fault (bad o-line, no backs, a rebuild/experimental year) – but he didn’t fall apart, he managed the setbacks well. That’s why his college says he was the steal of the draft. The salty mountain of hate won’t like that message but he’s going to be a first-rate QB one day.

  9. The best thing you can say about Stidham is that he looks comfortable out there and isn’t rushing to make the throw. BUT… pre-season numbers are irrelevant due to the 3rd/4th stringers and vanilla defenses (and to be fair, he lucked out not being picked off on one throw). All he’s shown so far is that he’s earned a roster spot, and nothign more.

  10. He was an average QB at Auburn who gets happy feet when pressured. Now he looks poised and sharp after one training camp with the Patriots.

  11. In 2-3 years with no pressure to have to step right in now & be the leader the kid should develop nicely as he has shown already that he has the tools to be potentially a great one if given a decent program to play in…..
    Bill & the rest of the staff can & will provide that for him & HOPEFULLY Tom can help him with the intangibles….
    There’s reason to have hope after Brady, however there likely will never be another one like him!!!!
    Go Pats!!!

  12. Throwing up some numbers against scrub talent means almost nothing, but it’s way better than looking bad against scrub talent.

  13. mnrasslinggovjesse says:
    August 18, 2019 at 11:27 am

    More evidence that Tom Terrific is “the system,” not “the GOAT.”
    What’s the other “evidence”? Is it all those SBs Belichick won with Bledsoe?

  14. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    August 18, 2019 at 11:31 am

    He was an average QB at Auburn who gets happy feet when pressured. Now he looks poised and sharp after one training camp with the Patriots.
    That’s terrible because after being spoiled by Brady’s success, actual Patriot fans will be really disappointed if Stidhams career with the Patriots only turns out a good a Peyton Manning’s career. Manning was the king of happy feet.

  15. All these haters trying to predict the Patriots future after Brady brings back memories of them trying to predict the Patriots future 20 years ago. How that work out? Putting salt on a snail.

  16. rutledge3197 says:

    August 18, 2019 at 7:42 am

    Man the day when this all comes crashing down ….. it’s gonna be ugly ………


    These comments always make me laugh. NO patriots fan expects it to go on forever.

    Does that take away from having 18 winning seasons in a row, 9 SB appearances and 6 SB wins? No one expects it to continue forever and a lot of the so called experts have been calling for this teams demise every season since brady turned 30. This team can go 0-16 for 2 straight years and guess what? I’d consider that’s a good tradeoff for the last 18.

  17. tfootball1234 says:8-18, 2019, 12:03am
    “If BB wins a SB with this guy, then TB status as G.O.A.T gets seriously questioned.”


    Steve Young won a Super Bowl after Joe Montana. Aaron Rodgers won a Super Bowl after Brett Favre. Are we supposed to doubt the greatness of Montana and Favre?

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