Report: Jay-Z will soon have “significant ownership interest” in a team

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If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

As PFT explained on the heels of Jay-Z striking a wide-ranging deal with the NFL, Jay-Z apparently aspires to own a team. Now, reports that Jay-Z will soon have a “significant ownership interest” in a team.

The report doesn’t identify the team or the extent of the ownership interest. If Jay-Z’s net worth is in the range of the estimated amount of $1 billion, that’s not enough to become a majority owner. But it’s more than enough to purchase a minority stake in a team — and to essentially secure pre-approval to eventually become a majority owner.

That’s the route taken by the likes of former Steelers minority owners Jimmy Haslam and David Tepper, who went on to buy the Browns and Panthers, respectively. And it could be what Jay-Z aspires to do, eventually.