Adam Gase regrets playing Avery Williamson as long as he played

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Avery Williamson tore an anterior cruciate ligament on his 30th defensive snap Thursday night. It was at least one snap too many.

Jets coach Adam Gase said Sunday that he regrets leaving in Williamson as long as he did.

“We had him at a new position compared to what he played in the past,” Gase said, via video from Ralph Vacchiano of “You know him and Neville [Hewitt] were together. You know the thought process was getting kind of Neville his feet wet as far as playing MIKE linebacker. He’s playing a different position. [We] wanted Avery to be in there, because Neville would be with a guy that’s a starter.

“And just looking back on it — hindsight is 20-20 — I wish I would have gotten him out of there a series earlier. I’ve talked with him. It’s on me. I’m the one that has to make that call and get him out there, but we didn’t. It’s a shame because he was having a good camp.”

Williamson missed only one game in his first five seasons. He started all 16 games for the Jets last season.

Williamson, though, will miss the 2019 season, and the Jets will miss him.

8 responses to “Adam Gase regrets playing Avery Williamson as long as he played

  1. Only the totally inept Jets would hire this man as a coach. He failed miserably in Miami and will set the Jets back another 10 years.

  2. at least they’ll start the season 1-0. the be kind to everyone, lovey dovey, one love buffalo bills are coming to town. darnold is gonna carve them up.

  3. Gase does not have the required tool set to be a head coach, this was a terrible hire and the Jets will ultimately fire this guy after no more than 2 seasons. I am surprised that they were able to lure Joe Douglas out of Philadelphia to work with Gase, but they have been friends for a very long time. The problem is that Douglas does have the chops to be a legit GM, but he is going to be dragged down by the woeful performance of Gase. Gase is still reaping the benefits from his time with Peyton Manning in Denver, but anyone off the street could coach Peyton by the time he was with Denver. Manning is one of the smartest QBs that has ever played in the NFL and Gase basically held his water bottle while Manning lit up the league that year. Gase is a paper tiger and that will be shown this year and maybe next, as he concludes his run as an NFL head coach.

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