Bill O’Brien: Matt Kalil is our starting left tackle

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Matt Kalil did not start at left tackle for the Texans on Saturday, but he will be in the lineup for Week One.

Roderick Johnson got the start against the Lions with Deshaun Watson at quarterback, which led to questions for head coach Bill O’Brien about the plans for a key spot on an offensive line that the Texans want to be better than the one they put on the field last year. O’Brien said after the game that Kalil “is the starting left tackle.”

Kalil had his foot stepped on during Wednesday’s practice and didn’t practice on Thursday, but O’Brien said that wasn’t the reason he sat out against Detroit.

“I didn’t want him to play,” O’Brien said, via the Houston Chronicle. “He’ll play next week. Just managing reps throughout the preseason, that’s all that is.”

Kalil didn’t play at all last year because of a knee injury and his play has been shaky when healthy in recent years, which has led some to question the Texans’ belief that he’ll be part of an upgraded blocking group this year. Barring a trade or other acquisition in the near future, it appears that O’Brien and company will take their chances.

16 responses to “Bill O’Brien: Matt Kalil is our starting left tackle

  1. He looked like a star as a rookie and never again. Most people believe injuries derailed his career but one way or another he has not been effective for a long long time. He has made millions off of one good season. If it true that injuries are the problem then he might get healthy and play well for Houston but the odds are against it. Good luck Texans

  2. Oh, and Matt Khalil is not going to get it done, wouldn’t surprise me if Watson has a catastrophic injury sometime this year, becaause of the bad offensive line play, I hope not though.

  3. Good luck, guy can’t block, has a bad attitude, is always injured, a huge bust.

  4. Good luck with having Matt on your team, you’re going to need it. He had a great rookie year, after that he got injured and has been injured off & on ever since. Even when healthy he hasn’t played up to his potential.

  5. And THIS is why the Texans will miss the playoffs and why Bill O’Brian will FINALLY be fired this season … Matt Kalil is the pre-eminent OT bust of the decade and only the teams that had him seem to realize this …

  6. Kalil is the second or third best option at left tackle. O’Brien knows this, but is not ready to promote Roderick Johnson to the starter. And not ready to cut Kalil, which O’Brien is probably going to do soon.
    O’Brien isn’t telling the truth, but for a number of good reasons.

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