Doug Pederson on whether Eagles considered Colin Kaepernick: “We consider everybody”

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The Eagles needed a quarterback. They signed one who had retired from the NFL, not one who has recently made clear his ongoing desire to get back in.

On Sunday, coach Doug Pederson was asked whether the team considered Colin Kaepernick before signing Josh McCown.

“We consider everybody, honestly,” Pederson said. “We consider everybody and do what’s best for the Eagles.”

Some have justified Kaepernick’s failure to get a call from teams looking for a bottom-of-depth-chart quarterback by pointing out that Kaepernick wouldn’t accept the contract that comes with such a gig. But with the Eagles reportedly giving McCown $2 million guaranteed on a contract worth up to $5.2 million to serve as the backup to a quarterback with a history of in-season injuries (which obviously increases the backup’s chances of playing), Kaepernick possibly may have accepted an offer that by definition has placed McCown at No. 2.

Kaepernick didn’t get a chance to.

With no specific explanation from Pederson as to why it wasn’t “best for the Eagles” to consider Kaepernick, many will believe that his NFL shunning continues. And if the Eagles — the team that gave Mike Vick his post-dogfighting-incarceration opportunity in 2009 — won’t bring Kaepernick in for a workout or talk to him about a possible contract given an RPO-fueled offense that seems to be suited to his run-pass skills, no one will.

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  1. Just continue ignoring your (media) part in the situation.
    As if ANY team wants the level of media associated with signing Kaepernick?

  2. CK turned down the AAF because he wanted $20M guaranteed. He set the bar too high, it’s on him. He doesn’t want to earn the money, he expects teams to just throw money at him…

  3. Kap was only willing to play in the new league for $20 mil. Why do people think that he would accept $2 mil to be a backup, when he believes he’s a starter? It just wouldn’t happen. I’m totally ok with his political stance, but he hasn’t played in three years and would be learning a new offense. Best to pass.

  4. What if it was just that last couple of seasons they had two starters in the qb room and they were lucky it did not blow up. Maybe they just wanted a recent retired qb for stability and experience.

  5. STILL NEVER mentioning the FACT that he turned down a $7 MIL offer from the Broncos because he’s a legend in his own mind !!!

  6. I’m SURE I’ll get censored yet again for disagreeing with you Ne Florio. I do respect your NFL knowledge ect but with this banging the drum for a selfish, media clown, average at best QB. EVERY NFL team would sign Satin if he could play..CK sucks, face it!

  7. I dont understand the obsession with a self absorbed washed up greedy person that once played QB in the NFL. If he was a winner and not a whiner he would have a job.

  8. Even if a team were to sign this guy, could you imagine the backlash of having to release him after determining he’s not good enough?

  9. Wasn’t a coincidence that Kaepernick’s protest started during an election year and we’re back at the polls next fall.

    Be a fool to think Kap isn’t going to be square in the spotlight 12 months from now and stirring the pot.

  10. Just let it go, for the love of football. Kaepernick took the league’s money to go away, so why do we keep bringing him into the conversation?

  11. If he could play he’d be on a team. I’m an anti-CK guy but even I can say he didn’t do anything THAT bad to get himself blackballed. Michael Vick and the recent act-of-violence guys from last year into this year are a lot far worse than CK, and they got second chances bc they can play. Owners will sell out anything if they think a guy can help them win. But don’t tell conspiracy theorists that.

  12. Kaepernick’s whole “days without a job” BS would need to be reset for what could be a permanent backup position & you think he’d do it for “cheap”.
    Not to mention he potential could get cut or not dress when the eagles backup comes back from broken arm.
    He’d be completely out of spotlight & wouldn’t have a reason to complain

    Also, Kap- when you do a workout video & claim it is 5am, make sure the sun isn’t up in the background

  13. Didn’t he opt-out of his SF contract?
    Didn’t he lose his starting job before leaving?
    Wasn’t he on the verge of being cut before he began protesting?
    Didn’t the Broncos make him an offer?
    Wasn’t the Seahawks and Baltimore in play at one time?
    Didn’t the New league make him an offer but he wanted 20 million?
    Isn’t the fact that the Eagles signed Vick show they are not against signing players that earn a second chance AND have ability?

    Just wondering why this site doesn’t acknowledge these things………….

  14. Just wondering why this site doesn’t acknowledge these things
    Because it’s all a house of cards

  15. Allow me to put my Liberal glasses on:
    If Pederson considered Kaepernick, but didn’t sign him, it means he racist.

    Removes Liberal glasses:
    Did I do it right?

  16. Allow me to put on those Conservative sunglasses:

    Go back to your craphole country, Crapernicknugget.

    Removes Conservative lenses:

    Hey, hold muh beer.

  17. As a reminder to everyone, Baltimore was prepared to sign Kaperprick several years ago and pulled out at the last minute when they found out the derogatory things he & his GF said about the owner. He has obviously demonstrated poor judgement and selfishness. No TEAM needs that distraction. If a Harbaugh is not signing him, no one is. Let’s hope Nike continues to fund his 401k and move on from this topic.

  18. Last sentence from article:

    And if the Eagles — the team that gave Mike Vick his post-dogfighting-incarceration opportunity in 2009 — won’t bring Kaepernick in for a workout or talk to him about a possible contract given an RPO-fueled offense that seems to be suited to his run-pass skills, no one will.


  19. He can’t run an nfl offense, he never could. Let alone the eagles offense, which is predicted on the qb getting to the line and diagnosing what the defense is doing

    The only 2 teams that run an offense that would remotely fit him I can think of are Baltimore and Seattle, and the ravens already have rg3 (who we were also told was “blackballed”)

  20. How is this still a story? The NFL is about winning, and teams will do whatever it takes if they think it will make their team better.

    A. He’s not good enough, he couldn’t beat Blain Gabbert out
    B. He asked for 20 million/year last time someone actually showed interest

  21. Kaepernick is not a good QB. Sure, he could function as someone’s backup but why in hell would a team want the furor and attention having Kaepernick would bring?

  22. As I recall, during his last season in the NFL Kaepernick could beat out Blaine Gabbert for the starting QB job coming out of training camp. He eventually would become the starter, simply due to Gabberts horrible play, but would be benched in favor of Gabbert once more during the season. In his last season in the NFL he played in 12 games, with 11 losses and 1 win . . . and then opted out of his contract. I am not sure if any NFL team would want a quarterback who isn’t bright enough to realize they have absolutely no market as a starting QB after going 1-11 and opts out of a $14.5 million salary.

    The real question is why would NFL teams chase after an NFL QB whose second option is to run in a league dominated by passing? The Eagles offense isn’t built for a QB like Kaepernick, it is built to progress through reads and find the open receiver. The only offense that Kaepernick could run as a QB2 without having to substantially change the playbook would be the Ravens.

  23. The way Doug Pederson answers questions or avoids answering questions reminds me of another flip-flopping coach. Does the name Bruce Arians come to mind?

  24. The Eagles passed on a QB that has been to the Super Bowl and been to the NFC Championship game so they could get a retired QB…makes perfect sense to me. Everyone ASSUMES that Kaep is too expensive or isn’t any good, but the elephant in the room is that no one wants to deal with the circus that would be created by the tweeter-in-chief.

  25. It’s pretty straightforward, from a football standpoint alone:

    1) The Eagles, after a few years of questions over who is their guy, have decided they are all-in on Wentz and want clarity at the position going forward.
    2) The just let a Super Bowl-WINNING/MVP QB go in order to achieve that clarity.
    3) Kaepernick wants to be a starter and paid like a starter, and would bring a throng of virtual followers clamoring for him to play.
    4) McCown is one of the best backup QBs in the league, and offers no drama over who’s starting plus plenty of quality locker-room leadership.
    5) The Vick/Kolb Eagles were very different from the Wentz/Foles Eagles, with very different styles of QB play.
    6) Kaepernick ended his playing time with poor play, a poor team record, and poor relationship with multiple front offices.
    8) If Kaepernick was really just wanting a job, that would mean accepting a backup role for probably a low-to-mid 7-figure salary. To all indications and reports, he is not offering or willing to do that.

    Summary: Teams don’t want to pay starter money to someone they’re unsure about, they don’t want a backup who creates drama over who’s the starter, and Kaepernick is sabotaging everything with unrealistic demands and expectations.

    They don’t like his politics, either. But it’s the factors above that are preventing us from ever knowing whether he still has it and can play.

  26. eaglesfanalways says:
    August 20, 2019 at 12:24 pm
    The Eagles passed on a QB that has been to the Super Bowl and been to the NFC Championship game


    Yeah, and they also just released a QB who WON a Super Bowl, FOR THEM. If they’re willing to let Foles go, why would Kaepernick tempt them?

    On a related note, it’s funny how so many people in an uproar over why no one signed Kaepernick when he was a free agent forget that no one signed Tony Romo either, that same offseason. It happens.

  27. Josh McCown has been on some real garbage teams the last several years but even so his 6-18 record in his last 24 is still better than 4-20.

    The better player got the job.
    The better teammate got the job.
    The better man got the job.

    There is no given right in America that allows for a person to avoid the just consequences of their own actions.

  28. Nathan Peterman who’s thrown more interceptions than touchdowns in live action can be on someone’s roster (Raiders), Kap definitely has the skills and resume to be on a roster. Bottom line.

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