Doug Pederson on why he likes Josh McCown: “He’s close to my age”

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Eagles coach Doug Pederson says what he likes best about newly signed backup quarterback Josh McCown is the experience he brings to the locker room.

“He’s 40. He’s close to my age,” Pederson said.

Pederson is 51, which means McCown is indeed closer in age to his head coach than he is to most of his teammates.

“Listen, he’s a veteran quarterback,” Pederson said. “He’s been around. He’s seen a lot. He’s a guy that just can add a lot of knowledge and depth in that room. . . . Obviously, he played this position and started a ton of games in this league, excited to get him going and get him up to speed.”

McCown joins 42-year-old Tom Brady and 40-year-old Drew Brees as the NFL’s over-40 quarterbacks this season. If the three of them all play this year, it will be the first time since 1998 that three different quarterbacks in their 40s have played in the same season. (In 1998 the three quarterbacks were 44-year-old Steve DeBerg, 42-year-old Warren Moon and 40-year-old Dave Krieg.)

The Eagles hope McCown never plays this year because Carson Wentz stays healthy. But given Wentz’s injury history, the Eagles couldn’t afford to be caught flat-footed at the backup quarterback position. And with McCown’s experience, he may be helpful in the locker room and the meeting rooms even if he never takes the field.

14 responses to “Doug Pederson on why he likes Josh McCown: “He’s close to my age”

  1. Well, I think it’s great.
    If McCown can get a job at 40 in the NFL, then so can I.
    I mean, I got more experience than he does cuz I’m like… older.
    Just sayin…

  2. Being close to his age makes McCown a better QB than Colin Kaepernick, no doubt.

  3. I guess he will be the patsy for Wentz and start the third preseason game this week !!!

  4. A decent career back up and it only cost money. The Giants just spent the #6 pick on a career back up.

  5. “Given Wentz’s injury history, the Eagles couldn’t afford to be caught flat-footed at the backup quarterback position.” Actually, that’s precisely what happened. The Eagles foolishly traded Nick Foles, who was their ace in the hole, and got caught flat-footed when the backup QBs started going down with injuries. Philly should have NEVER traded Foles. They’ll realize that when Wentz goes down with an injury, as he inevitably will. (Wentz is like Andrew Luck: he’s super talented but apparently made of glass.) In any case, the Eagles look pretty dumb right now. They had the perfect backup QB and now they only have a 40-year-old who’s come out of retirement. Not good, Philly. Not good.

  6. Look, McCown is the backup and won’t be needed until he is needed. When Foles was signed everyone said our season was lost if Wentz went. Well, it takes a entire strong team to win a Super Bowl and if we need Mcown I like his chances of catching ‘lightning in bottle’s like Foles did.

  7. Man I am so sick of this narrative “The Eagles should have never traded Foles “. THEY DIDN’T TRADE Foles. Foles wanted to be a starter, and the Eagles have their QB of the present and future in Wentz so they let Foles go. He signed as a FA in Jacksonville. The Eagles NEVER had the option to keep Foles as a backup.

  8. Hahahaha. They’re close.

    That, and McCown is just a great locker room guy. Will bring experience, and positive attitude. Great add.

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