Holton Hill ejected for brutal helmet-to-helmet hit on Paxton Lynch

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Vikings cornerback Holton Hill is a lesson in what not to do to make a football team.

During the offseason, Hill received two four-game suspensions — one for violating the league’s performance enhancing drug policy and the other for violating the substance abuse policy. Likely already on shaky ground with the Vikings, he earned an ejection from officials for a brutal helmet-to-helmet hit Sunday night.

With 3:53 remaining in the fourth quarter, Hill lowered his head to initiate contact with scrambling Seahawks quarterback Paxton Lynch. Hill hit Lynch squarely in the head.

“In #SEAvsMIN, [Hill] was penalized by on-field officials for unnecessary roughness and disqualified from New York for late and forcible contact to the head of the sliding quarterback,” the NFL’s supervisor of officials, Al Riveron, explained in a tweet.

J.T. Barrett replaced Lynch, who was up and walking on the sideline shortly afterward.

Hill appeared in all 16 games last season. He won’t play at least eight this season, and the question now becomes: Will he have a job when he becomes eligible again?

29 responses to “Holton Hill ejected for brutal helmet-to-helmet hit on Paxton Lynch

  1. totally disagree. Lynch slid into a Hill who was already in full motion to stop lynch. Hill was aiming to stuff lynch and lynch slid at the last second and his entire body and his head went low and into Hills head. this is why the NFL is such a joke. Quarterbacks that slide at the VERY LAST SECOND are going to get hit in the head. Stupid play by lynch in terms of his safety but smart in a way because these situations are going to be an automatic 15 yard penalty.
    i swear the rules they are implementing now are being designed by people who never even strapped on a helmet before.

    Hill isn’t going anywhere. He also isn’t TRYING to make a football team. He is a LOCK for this roster and was before training camp started. he won’t even count against the roster for the first 8 weeks, so there is no point in cutting him which would never happen anyways.

  2. Holton is too good to loose his job. Also, that was a very very late slide so really can’t blame it. He will learn thou.
    All these new rules – Sucks!

  3. I can understand a helmet to helmet hit being dangerous and should be prohibited and result in ejection and/or suspension by the league, but that BS about ejecting a player and fining him 28 grand for “lowering the helmet” has to be flushed down the toilet. The thing that really should be done is rubberizing the exterior of the helmet so that the rubber can absorb much of the energy, sort of like what they do to the bumper cars in amusement parks.

  4. I bet Lynch won’t be running his mouth anymore. You want to talk trash about your former team? Okay then buckle them chin straps and settle it on the field

  5. Some people are going to say Lynch should have slid earlier to avoid this and thats his fault, while maybe he could have done more to prevent it. Hill led with the CROWN OF HIS HELMET and should be considered for ejection reagdless of whether its in the chest or helmet. Thats how you hurt other players, and thats the kind of hit that injures yourself, like Shazier did.

  6. It was a brutal hit to the helmet by Hill. I thought Lynch slide late but Hill went helmet to helmet and deserved the ejection.

  7. That’s how they’re coached over there.

    Cheap shot artists and they hold in the secondary so they don’t get beat.

    If they DO get beat, then they act hurt.

    But hey…they have one playoff win this decade so they’re “elite.”

  8. These hits look bad and they are very dangerous. But they are also just a product of the game they’re playing, and realistically are not going to taught out of the game, fines and suspensions will not solve this problem.

    There is no malicious intent with a tackle like this. Hill is aiming for Lynch’s hips when he leaves his feet. Lynch slides late that is the result you get. I’m not trying blame Lynch either, there’s a little blame either way but the point is, it wasn’t dirty, and while it’s not a common occurrence, we’re going to see hits like these pop up once or twice a year.

    As for Hill not leading with his head. Yes, that is the ideal. Players are being taught to lead with their shoulders. But realistically, instinct kicks in when your playing sports at this speed. People only complain about leading with the head on plays that look ugly or end in injury, but it happens at least 30 times a game, probably more, whether it be tackles or running back leading with their head to take on contact.

    Football is a contact sport, it’s dangerous. As much as we want to minimize that, dangerous hits are inevitable. I see no reason to vilify a kid for a hit that clearly had no malicious intentions. It’s one thing if it’s a repeat offender or clear intent to injure, but to no one deserves to lose their job over one bang bang and play, because the other player happened to put their body in perfect position to cause an ugly situation.

    Hill will take his lumps, probably get a game or two, and hopefully he learns from this. This will have no impact on whether he makes the club or not. And really, there’s no reason for the Vikings to cut him if his off field issues weren’t enough to do so

  9. It was simply a bad hit and good ejection. Nothing to argue about there. Now, those Packer fans comments? Well, of course we should ignore them. We should also ignore the person that thinks you can’t reduce or mostly eliminate these types of hits from the game. They are already doing that. The guy that screams “might as well play flag football” is the same guy that will tell you their team would be 16-0 if their QB didn’t break his shoulder from a cheap shot.

  10. stellarperformance says:
    August 19, 2019 at 7:46 am
    Are he and Barr roomies?
    Have you finally landed that tissue sponsorship for non-stop crying over what was almost universally judged to be a clean hit within the parameters of the rules?

  11. This hit would have been avoided had Hill not led with the crown of his helmet, that is use to be called spearing and has been illegal for some time. It is illegal for two reasons, the spearing with the crown of a helmet can lead to unnecessary damage to the player being tackled as it is turned into almost a projectile, but just as importantly it can lead to spine damage to the defensive player if the impact occurs at an angle that causes the force down the players spine. It is extremely dangerous and should always lead to an ejection, regardless of what part of the offensive players body is hit.

    Also I believe for regular season games that the fines for being ejected are insufficient. The NFL and NFLPA should agree that if a player is ejected from a game for any reason whatsoever and after review that ejection is upheld as being appropriate, the ejected player should lose that entire week’s game check. That way the fine is equalized between superstar players versus special team players, everyone loses a full game check and it isn’t like it would be peanuts to a player making $20 million a year.

  12. The slide rule has to go. It gives quarterbacks a false sense of security, and leaves defenders having to decide either late or too late if they need to continue to play defense.

    Further, it basically makes the qb’s head the only part of the body that is easy to hit. If you are going to run, you need to be able (and ready) to take a hit or you need to get out of bounds.

    I agree with the call, and the ejection (dems da rules), but the whole situation was caused by the slide rule.

  13. whysosenestive445 says:
    August 18, 2019 at 11:46 pm
    I bet Lynch won’t be running his mouth anymore. You want to talk trash about your former team? Okay then buckle them chin straps and settle it on the field

    Huh? So Lynch making comments about his former team somehow equates to him taking a dangerous hit against a team that he has never had anything to do with?

  14. Holton Hill will soon have his third suspension of the 2019 season and it’s still exhibition season. 3 suspensions.

    That’s as many playoff games Coach Zim has managed to coach the Vikings to in the last 5 seasons (and 3 times as many victories!)

    But I’m sure Zim will coach this guy up when is allowed to play because that’s what Zim does….coaches guys to not win playoff games.

  15. Learn how to slide! If you want to run expect to get hit! It was no cheap shot and there is more hits worse than that one!

  16. I don’t know how anyone can say that leading with your head is just part of the game. I played up to, but not including college, had coaches that did play in college, and none of them ever taught us to hit with our heads. EVER. Lowering your head is how you become a paraplegic when you compress your vertebrae. Keeping your head up is how you survive the collision. Anyone who says this is just part of football never learned the fundamentals of tackling.

  17. Let me preface this by saying I am not the biggest fan of Holton Hill. I believe his career will be defined as a journeyman dime back who will be valued because he is versatile enough to play both corner and safety but is not starter caliber at either. I will lose no sleep if he never puts on a Vikings Jersey again. However…..

    I have a few problems with the idea that he was intentionally trying to lead with the helmet.
    1) on the full replay (most evident on the camera angle from behind Hill) Lynch looked to his right and planted his left leg just before Hill dropped his head and changed the direction of his body going to the left
    2) Hills body trajectory was downward, which can be attributed to aiming for a QBs head as he slides, but….
    3) if the intent was to strike the qb headfirst, why were his arms spread wide?

    Hill disengaged from the wr, broke down into a balanced stance, then dove left and down just after Lynch appeared to look inside and plant. I can almost guarantee what he was thinking. The ball carrier is cutting back inside, and he is diving for his legs. Considering that Hill doesn’t strike me as the brightest of bulbs, I bet he didn’t even recognize it was the qb on this designed run. Viscious, dangerous hit? Yes. Dirty with intent to injure? No. This is just another case of a player using a prescribed reaction to stimuli that he hasn’t even consciously evaluated.

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