John Lynch: Jimmy Garoppolo’s knee recovery has been flawless

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49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo hasn’t been flawless in training camp practices, but that hasn’t affected the bigger picture as far as General Manager John Lynch is concerned.

Garoppolo is coming off of the torn ACL that ended his 2018 season and Lynch said on Saturday that his overall work at camp has been positive. Lynch also noted that his recovery from that injury has been as good as anyone in the organization could have hoped to see, which is why he believes Garoppolo will “answer the bell” come September.

“I think what’s important, all the time, is you look at the totality of a camp and I think he’s had a really good camp, I really do,” Lynch said, via “I think the best thing for all of us is that is, I get hesitant and reluctant to say it, but is his recovery from his knee has been flawless.”

Lynch noted the big role Garoppolo has in the team reaching their “high aspirations” for the coming season. There’s no doubt that’s the case and there’s equally little doubt that failing to reach them would raise questions about the futures of several people in the organization with Lynch right at the top of the list.

13 responses to “John Lynch: Jimmy Garoppolo’s knee recovery has been flawless

  1. Flawless is the way Jimmy executed his contract heist before ever doing squat in this league. I’m rooting for Clara though, because the Seahawks need some better division games than just the Rams this year.

  2. Ya , right. We’ll see just how many games this lasts for before he’s put back on the shelf again. Dude has 3 different injuries in 10 career starts, two of them serious injuries. Jimmy G is brittle, once teams start hitting this dude he will get injured, it’s not a matter of if he gets hurt but when will he get hurt.

  3. Nick Mullens has similar stats as your hero, Jimmy G, Lynch. Explain that. With Mullens you didn’t have to pay a bundle for him.

  4. It’s not certain how long the dashing actor who plays an NFL QB in the ongoing 49ers comedy series will be hampered since the producers employ low paid stunt doubles to do all the action scenes.

  5. The biggest hope out of training camp is the vastly improved D. Jimmy G. had a five game winning streak in 2017 because the D was playing well. After letting some good players go in 2018 (e.g. Eric Reid, Dontae Johnson and Reuben Foster), the D regressed and Jimmy G could only get 1 win before going down with a wounded knee. The D has rebounded by adding a lot of good players through free agency, trades, and the draft. It is going to make it easier to win ball games.

  6. Angel Valle says:

    Jimmy has 2 sb rings !
    which he contributed ZERO towards them……..NADA, NIET, NIENTE.

  7. Never a fan of GMs talking about injuries. He’s not a doctor and he doesn’t even has as much info on practices as what coaches do so it’s always just a case of him parroting what others have told him. And since it’s in everybody’s best interest for the recover to go great that’s always what you hear.

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