Josh Gordon lands on NFI in his return to Patriots

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Receiver Josh Gordon is back with the Patriots. Sort of.

Via multiple reports, Gordon’s addition to the roster has come with his placement on the non-football injury list. He counts toward the 90-man roster, but he has not yet passed a physical and can’t practice.

A league source suggested based on coach Bill Belichick’s cryptic statement that the team may be inclined to stash Gordon on NFI into the regular season, allowing them to bring him back for the stretch run — instead of losing him in the stretch run like they did in 2018.

It’s also possible that Gordon’s simply failed his conditioning test, and that he’ll be on the active roster soon. Regardless, he’s back on the roster, but he won’t be back at practice until he passes a physical.

35 responses to “Josh Gordon lands on NFI in his return to Patriots

  1. The best way to help addicts is to give them lots of money and free time. OK, what dumb NFL team is next?

  2. cogitoergopackers says:
    August 18, 2019 at 5:28 pm
    Nothing to see here unless you’re into conspiracies. This isn’t the drama you’re looking for.
    I’m into conspiracies. Whatcha got for me?

  3. redlikethepig says:
    August 18, 2019 at 5:44 pm

    The best way to help addicts is to give them lots of money and free time. OK, what dumb NFL team is next?


    “A player on NFI is not required to be paid his entire base salary”. (no money here)
    If he’s not removed from NFI by Aug. 31, however, then he will start the season on NFI-reserve and can’t be activated until after Week 6.

    Contrary to your belief of being “Dumb” I think it’s pretty smart of them. making sure he of sound mind and body without the cost of his salary and able to go the long run without relapse.

    Putting him in now and depending on him immediately after being reinstated would be the “Dumb” move.

  4. It’s also possible that Gordon’s simply failed his conditioning test, and that he’ll be on the active roster soon.
    Create a conspiracy then explain why it never was one to start with. You’d expect he’s likely not up to spec. But it makes sense to leave him NFI and use that preseason slot for others.

  5. Smart move, the Pats need to see how the other receivers pan out in the first few weeks of regular season. If the Pats release receivers like Berrios during the final cut then those guys definitely will be scooped up by someone else.

  6. Just the Patriots being the Patriots, while the rest of league was sitting on the pot.

  7. redlikethepig says:
    August 18, 2019 at 5:44 pm
    The best way to help addicts is to give them lots of money and free time.
    Free time, like what you have as a result of not being allowed in team activities or in the structured environment and day to day routine of an active 24/7 football operation? Sounds like you are talking about being suspended.

  8. Is it true that the only thing this guy did wrong was smoke weed? Sheesh — they had me going for awhile. I was almost buying the line on this guy.

  9. He’s bound to get suspended again before the stretch run so that would be a stupid plan.

  10. Was why he allowed to come back so quickly this time around? If he was still in Cleveland I have to think his suspension would not have been lifted so soon.

  11. I dated a girl like this…she wasn’t the type of girl you marry but was the type of girl you’d keep trying to go after…-and she kept stringing me along…she just wanted to be chased.

  12. This is just smart football by the Pats…. Josh can’t play week 3 as part of his conditional reinstatement so they keep him out of the media spotlight for a bit till he gets settled back in & they can check on his conditioning & slowly get him up to speed without being a distraction to the rest of the team that getting ready for the Panthers on a short week….
    My guess is they activate him after the week 3 Panthers game & get him some game reps in week 4……

  13. in other words, Gorrdon figured out how to beat the NFL drug testing system. He learned a lot that Johhny Manziel didn’t.

    Whenever one has a drug test. Leave football, claim mental health issues. retire. Then come back the following year.

    this will happen again in months.

  14. Repeat. 3 titles and 4 conference championships in 4 years.

    Won’t bappen again.

    Greatest dynasty in sports hands down bar none no exception. Greatest fans too.


  15. This is a typical story that Pats fans will point to remind us all of how great they are, and how this is chess v checkers, and how this has been ordained in the stars. Now let’s look at realty.

    The guy is 28 years old, an addict, and he’s played in only 52 games over his entire career. The risk may be low (and it is) but also is not very smart. Combine that with the increasing likelihood that his greatest strengths might well be beyond their QBs current capabilities….smh.

  16. BB gave an obvious clue when he said Gordon’s reinstatement is a league matter. It is now a NE matter. My guess is Gordon will get immersed, his appetitive to play and his sobriety will then have to be clearly demonstrated, and he’ll be activated after Week 6 when the roster is sorted at the WR position.

  17. Wish him well, he is a different sort of suspension. Only hurting himself so far. Hope he can control his demons and be productive in his life.

  18. InoffensiveAccountName says:
    August 18, 2019 at 5:54 pm

    but how much is he worth in an auction draft?


    He’s worth the free round for sure… but anything more than $1 is too rich for my blood. As a comp, I was just in a deep roster inaugural keeper league draft, and he went undrafted. The draft was a couple days before the announcement… but nobody even took a late round flyer on him.

    I’m sure the over under on games played for him is probably like 4. Rooting for the guy, but man, hard to trust him.

  19. If it works or doesn’t work what is the cost to the Patriots? We’re they depending on Gordon to come back? They didn’t know. It’s not like the raiders giving all the money to AB.. DEPENDING on him to turn them around, how about Kirk cousins.. The list is endless. If you think that BB was depending on this you are foolish.Ask yourselves one question… BB OR YOU?

  20. Funny how quickly he got reinstated with the Pats as opposed to with the Browns. Things that make you go hmmmm…

  21. You mean like when Gordon was suspended 8/27/14 for 10 games and was reinstated 11/17/14..or maybe when he was suspended 1/25/15 for the year and was reinstated 7/25/16 (he applied for reinstatement in May of 16 but was denied because he failed a test,
    applied a 2nd time and was reinstated)

    He was suspended last year and applied for reinstatement this year and the NFL granted him a conditional reinstatement.

    So why are you saying HMMMM again? It’s OK, I understand. Doing a little bit of research is hard by yourself without grown-ups around. You should have waited until they got home. Hopefully you didn’t get grounded for using the computer all by yourself.

  22. To be granted reinstatement a player must first apply for reinstatement.It isn’t automatically done. So the longer a player waits to apply, the longer his time away from the game will seem to be. (I typed slowly so you could keep up… Your welcome.)

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