Josh McCown said it was “an easy sell” to sign with Eagles

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Quarterback Josh McCown announced his retirement earlier this year and took a job as an analyst with ESPN, but he still heard from teams wondering if he’d reverse course to join them for the 2019 season.

McCown said no to all of those overtures until the Eagles called in the last few days. The team lost Nate Sudfeld and Cody Kessler to injuries in their first two preseason games, which led them to pitch McCown on joining them.

The veteran quarterback called it “an easy sell” for the Eagles because of coach Doug Pederson, General Mnaager Howie Roseman, quarterback Carson Wentz and the overall talent level of the team.

“More than anything, it was the comfort level I had talking with Doug, where they’re trying to take this thing and where they’re trying to get back to and understanding the expectations that they have here,” McCown said, via the team’s website. “I’ve been in a lot of situations throughout my career — where I was helping a young guy or serving as a stopgap kind of guy or being part of a rebuilding situation — so to come to a situation where it was more established, where they’ve got the quarterback and a veteran defense and a lot of good players on the offense, that to me was enticing. To see how it’s done at a high level and done right, that was the dialogue with Howie and Doug.”

McCown is expected to be on the field at Eagles practice on Sunday.

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  1. Easy sell… “So, you hang out patiently, collecting $5.4M until Wentz simultaneously leads us into the playoffs and gets a season-ending injuryat which point, you will then take us through the playoffs…you good with that?”

  2. Even on a 5 win Jets team he was good. This is by far the best team he has been on and his three best seasons actually have come late in his career over the past 6 seasons. His best season in TD and completion % was just 2 years ago. He also has chemistry with Alshon. Alshon’s best season in 2013 was with McCown.

    His 3 best seasons

    2017 (13 starts w/ 5-11 Jets)
    94.5 rating, 67.3 %, 2926 yards, 18td/9int

    2015 (8 starts w/ 3-13 Browns)
    93.3 rating, 63.7 %, 2109 yards, 12td/4int

    2013 (8 starts w/ 8-8 Bears)
    109.0 rating, 66.5 %, 1829 yards, 13td/1int

    Consider too our other backups COMBINED careers: 9td/5int (all but 1 TD is from Kessler)

    Sudfeld also was never guaranteed the #2 job. Doug said in May he would compete. Sudfeld also is 29th in TD, 30th in pass attempts among #2 QB. He is one of three #2 QB to have never started (Cooper Rush and Josh Dobbs being the other two) and is the ONLY #2 to have never held that position for a full season. His only time as the #2 was when Wentz was out.

  3. streetyson

    Wentz has never missed half a season. He has played 16, 13 and 11 games. Not sure where this injury prone stuff comes from. 8 regular season games missed since 2016 and 2 of those games he was cleared to play but they started Foles the first two games, who looked awful.

    Luck, Rodgers, Watson, Jimmy G all have missed more games during that time. His 2017 knee injury was the only major injury and that happened in week 13 and last season didn’t get re-injured, didn’t bother him. In 2018 he played 2+ months through the back fracture and had they not had Foles he would’ve still played as there was no risk of further injury. It took 3 months to heal.

  4. FYI: McCown had a 109 rated stint in 2013 the same year that Foles had his 119 rated season. This guy can play well in spots and the talent around him is there. I feel much better about the backup situation now (although I want to see Wentz start and finish 19 games)

  5. arealisticpackerfan says:
    August 18, 2019 at 12:44 pm
    Duh. $5.4 million to hold a clipboard for a few weeks/months until Wentz inevitably gets injured


    Awwwww cause Wentz got hurt two years in a row everyone thinks it’s a freaking pattern. The media started on it and now you followers all rush along. The truth of the matter is… it’s only 2 years in a row. I don’t start labeling someone injury prone till its 3 in a row. Maybe it will happen, maybe it wont. But him tearing an ACL on a fluky play and then being taken out last season due to a back (even though he said he could if still played) doesnt make me label him injury prone quite yet.

    You all have to grow a brain and think with com.on sense and not dive too deeply into sports media lol.

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