Le’Veon Bell won’t play in the preseason

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Le'Veon Bell didn’t play at all last year, and he won’t play at all until the start of the regular season.

Via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY.com, Jets coach Adam Gase said Sunday that the veteran running back would not play in the preseason.

The Jets signed Bell to a four-year, $52.5 million deal this offseason, and they didn’t give him all that money for August.

It’s an interesting decision to not play him at all, as he’s being incorporated to a new offense with new teammates for the first time. But the Jets obviously think they’ve seen enough of him in practice to warrant parking him until September.

If he goes back to being the same dynamic back he was the last time he played, he’ll make quarterback Sam Darnold and the entire offense better, and early opponents won’t have any tape at all to use to prepare.

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  1. Put off the whole NFL world seeing how he fares as long as possible.

    I really liked him a lot. But I think the negotiation got in his head and he turned on everything and everyone else. Trusted no one. Ended up signing for basically what the Steelers offered before he sat out.

    Interesting to see if he has the whole football team spot.

    Btw. The issue is the reps his line needs, not the reps he needs. The line needs to get the rythm of blocking for this very unique back. The Steelers blocked for him for years. They were a top five line. With a great coach and a lot of time ear to year consistency. That is who needs the reps.

  2. Very weak take on early teams not having time to prepare. Look at his career stats in weeks 1, 2, 3…. Less than 3 yards per carry. Throughout his entire career, he doesn’t get going until week 4. His example is the exact reason WHY there is a preseason.

  3. There is very little positive that can come from playing him in the Preseason and a load of negative. Much better for people to mock the team for not playing him now and then have him do what he does this season (good or bad where he’ll take the flak for the bad) than play him even one possession and lose him for the season.

  4. Bad decision, imo. I get worrying about him being hurt but he’s been out of football for a year and this is a brand new team so they’d benefit from him and the line working together in live game situations. I still get the feeling he’ll end up with like 300 yards rushing for the whole year and either be hurt or totally eclipsed by some other RB.

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