Teddy Bridgewater played despite illness


Fans who paid for tickets to Sunday afternoon’s game in Los Angeles probably were sick after watching mostly backups play.

Philip Rivers and Drew Brees were among the stars who watched from the sideline.

That left Teddy Bridgewater to start for the Saints. He nearly didn’t and probably shouldn’t have.

The Saints backup went 5-for-12 for 40 yards and an interception. He also lost a fumble.

He played deep into the second quarter before Taysom Hill replaced him with 1:22 remaining in the half.

Saints coach Sean Payton explained after the game that Bridgewater was sick. He thought about not playing Bridgewater and concedes he “should have taken him out sooner,” via Amie Just of the Times-Picayune.

“He didn’t get a lot of help,” Payton said of Bridgewater.

11 responses to “Teddy Bridgewater played despite illness

  1. Preseason a bunch of slap sticks playing lol, if one is going to waste $$ to go, at least go to the third one and you are not even guaranteed that the starters will be fielded.

  2. Teddy can no longer be considered the future of Saints. Saints organization, please sign Drew for as many more years as he wants. NOW!

  3. Bridgewater will play so long as he can stand up on 2 feet.
    And we all know why.

    But that was big of Payton to concede he should have taken him out sooner.
    What a prince.

  4. jppt1974 says:
    August 18, 2019 at 8:34 pm

    Give him credit for playing sick despite not having a good outing. He is a team player there.

    Being a team player? Are you serious?
    It’s preseason and he’s fighting for a job right now.

    He’s never been considered anything but a questionable backup anywhere outside of the state of Minnesota.
    And today’s NFL teams are looking at any way possible to cut player expenses.

    If the Saints Brass feel comfortable with rolling the dice with Hill as their 2nd in command, trust me, they will.

  5. You can tell when haters are worried about a player.. They disrespect them endlessly. Yet just about every team would love to have him on their roster!
    For everybody that sees this as a negative Teddy Bridgewater just entrenched himself with a team that respects him more for giving it all and playing while sick when he could have opted out of the game. These are the things that build a team and make them
    #1 play when hurt or sick
    #2 play HARDER for their QB
    #3 make the difference in staying or going
    When Teddy plays, he doesn’t have gaudy numbers, his team wins most of the time in evenly matched games. and it is completely because of Numbers 1-3 above!

  6. Last week it was good Teddy and ok Taysom. This week was bad Teddy and OMG, this guy really is a quarterback, Taysom. Oh dear…

  7. I didn’t see the game. But it’s cute reading comments proclaiming a preseason game is Teddy’s swan song and Taysom’s coming out party. Hey guys, it’s preseason.

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