Antonio Brown returns to the Raiders

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A day after Raiders G.M. Mike Mayock publicly declared that receiver Antonio Brown needs to be all in or all out, Brown is all in. For now.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Brown returned to the team and attended practice on Monday.

Brown left the team on Sunday due to the league’s closing of an apparent loophole that would have allowed him to wear a Schutt AiR Advantage that is less than 10 years old. He’s upset, and rightfully so, regarding the perception (or reality) that the NFL keeps moving the goalposts in order to keep him out of a helmet that had not been added to the list of banned helmets until he attempted to circumvent the ruling that he couldn’t wear a helmet that is more than 10 years old.

Mayock said Sunday that all avenues have been exhausted. Agent Drew Rosenhaus disagreed, explaining that there are other options but not elaborating.

As noted earlier today, the best (perhaps only) option will be for Brown to file a new grievance that challenges the league’s decision to test, and to ban, his preferred helmet model on an expedited basis, without the same one-year grace period that players like Tom Brady received in 2018, after their helmets were deemed to be unsafe but they were still permitted to wear them.

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  1. I think if he were allowed to, AB would just adopt a new helmet and move on. But the media won’t allow it and I doubt he has the discipline to just accept it without giving them further fodder to keep the issue alive. He, his agent and the team should all get on the same page with a unified front toward the media and public and just let this thing die.

  2. Mr. Florio, we but heads a lot (I comment, you don’t allow them) but you have been on top of this and all the other football stories. Great work getting all the details on this. It’s been a fascinating story, that’s for sure.

  3. Sadly, all of this will be forgotten if he catches 6 balls for 110 yards and a score in week 1. Conversely, this will turn into he proverbial dumpster fire if the Raiders start 0-2 or 0-3 and he is only catching 3-4 passes a game. I really don’t see this ending well..

  4. I don’t understand why he won’t practice even if it’s not his preferred helmet. The Raiders aren’t responsible for his helmet issues. Maybe he’s just lazy and entitled and doesn’t want to practice. 3,000 other NFL players seem to be able to use the approved helmets without issue.

  5. “I think if he were allowed to, AB would just adopt a new helmet and move on. But the media won’t allow it”

    The media is keeping him from picking out a different helmet? You’re imagining there are so many reporters in the equipment room that AB can’t make it over to the helmets on the shelf?

  6. Antonio was heard to say that he’s all in but needs to leave for his pedicure appointment……
    Divas rules outweigh those of the team afterall!!!!

  7. The ONLY thing that will help reverse the damage in this ridiculous incident is if AB can keep his head down, his mouth shut and just working on being a great receiver, teammate and more importantly … man.

  8. He was only there today because he thought it was a pay day.
    Stay tuned for more AB diaper-fill.

  9. Raiders should dump this poison before it infects the whole locker room. This mess could drag on and spoil the big debut in Vegas for everyone…

  10. That is flat-out wrong. His preferred helmet model was not banned by the league until he tried to find one that was less than 10 years old. He should now get a one-year grace period.

  11. Brown seems to buck the “once a raider always a raider” motto. He was very raider-like, all talk, before he was ever officially a raider.

    Do they really only have 1 winning season since 2002?

    Do they think moving cities helps them? I just wonder if they will be the Boise Raiders or the Fargo raiders next.

  12. The bottom line is that AB is dominating the “PFT Most Commented” list.

    Lets keep it real the NFL, the fans, and mostly AB loves them some AB.

  13. I really don’t know why there is so much confusion about the ruling on the helmet. He isn’t getting a one year extension because the helmet is 10 years old. If he produces a less than 10 years old helmet, that can pass the required testing, he can use it. That probably isn’t going to happen though. He, or someone in his camp, should have known the safety rules, and started trying out new helmets long before camps opened.

  14. I wonder if people that work for you hold you is as much contempt as you do with most management.

  15. I’d be more inclined to give AB the benefit of the doubt here if there as at least one other NFL player fighting a similar case. Does anybody know if AB is the only player fighting this?

  16. Don’t feel sorry for the Raiders; they knew what this clown was -they were delusional if they thought he would come there and be no problem. Come on man!

  17. It is funny how the players whine and gripe about safety but then when the league takes old helmets out of use for not passing test then they cry because they want to wear old unsafe(tested to be) helmets. Always something to cry over.

  18. Steelers fans (of which I’m one) wanted to toss Tomlin out the window for not keeping his team in check. After getting a behind the scenes glimpse at AB I’m starting to wonder if he deserved a Nobel Peace Prize.

  19. For the life of me, I can’t understand why the Steelers just gave this guy away for a couple of mid round picks??????

  20. Why was his Schutt helmet not tested when the others were? Could it be because he or the Steelers forgot to tell the independent testing organization that Brown was using that model of a helmet that had been discontinued by the manufacturer in 2011 since it did not comply with up to date materials and tests (as Schutt said in a press release)? I think the answer will go far to assessing whether it is unfair not to give him a year’s extension.

  21. Sometimes my son won’t eat his dinner if I didn’t put it on the blue plate. I expect him to get over this before he turns 3. Not sure when AB’s going to grow up or accept that he has to follow the rules like everyone else.

  22. oakfoshow says:
    August 19, 2019 at 1:07 pm
    Dude will destroy any d back out there

    You kinda gotta show up to play if you hope to destroy anyone. Crying at home about your helmet isn’t going to do too much.

  23. Did he participate in a HOBBLE-through? I know people who used to fish really cold water without waders. They develop foot issues. I can’t image what actual frost bight would do to a pro-athlete!

  24. This is not diva behavior, this is mental patient behavior. Imagine a college baseball player drafted by an MLB team saying he won’t play unless he can still use his favorite aluminum bat because he doesn’t like wooden ones.

  25. Would love to see teammates reaction to seeing him out at Practice. Hopefully someone gives him a nice shot to show how much they appreciate him. I mostly think Jon Gruden would approve

  26. I think his agent got an earful from Mayock and Gruden. They were right on the verge of canning this malcontent, and rightfully so, enough is enough. AB could lose a TON of money, if he doesn’t get with the program.

  27. From what we seen from AB unless the Raiders kiss his ass all season he would find something to go off about. How soon in a game does he goes off on either Carr or the offensive coordinator for not getting the ball?

  28. Out of the over 2500 players currently participating in camps and preseason around the NFL trying to make roster spots, are we aware of any other player that has stayed away over this helmet issue?

  29. Many players had to switch helmets this year and like adults they begin trying new helmets last season. This includes Brady and no special extra year was given to Brady or any other player. Stop with the false narrative.

  30. “without the same one-year grace period that players like Tom Brady received in 2018”

    I had the impression that last year *was* the grace period for all players, including both Brady and Brown, and now the grace period is over for everyone.

    If that’s not the case, it doesn’t make much sense, as there would be a constantly rolling set of grace periods and too many players in outdated helmets.

  31. Forget the helmet. Has anyone seen him try running yet? I wonder if he is delaying as he knows he can’t hit full speed with damaged feet?

  32. Clearly this issue is made up so he can avoid practice. He’s a vet and sure he may like working out but in the comfort of his own making. Guy is a clown though period, needs to grab a mitt and get in the game. If I was the Raiders I would be docking him pay for this crap.

  33. Ok wonderful now get down to business!! The odds are against team success. Worst to first we’ll settle for 2nd. More complex mountains have been conquered!!

  34. You always look for a way to take a shot at the NFL, regardless of the matter at hand. Brown’s helmet is out-dated. It’s not as safe as new helmets. The league is not the bad guy in this situation. Regardless of helmet status, Brown should be with the team. If he wins the helmet wars, great. If he loses (probably will despite the proposed wild goose chase), then he should be getting used to his new one in practice. ZERO reason for him not to be with the team over a helmet issue he found out about months ago.

  35. Mike Florio says:
    August 19, 2019 at 12:47 pm

    That is flat-out wrong. His preferred helmet model was not banned by the league until he tried to find one that was less than 10 years old. He should now get a one-year grace period.

    He can’t. His last name isn’t Brady, and his first name isn’t Tom.

  36. The joke is last year was everyones “grace period”. Brady has a different helmet this year. What about that is confusing you? I bet you push on the door that has a pull sign on it.. Two or three times.

  37. Along with a great skill set come all the other diva needs and demands its no surprise to me knowing this coming in to this signing ..not sure what’s worse but reading all the whinny ex AB fans is icing on the cake . HA HA

    The Raiders have a great group of receivers and a RB now these guys wont have the drops like Cooper and Crabbytree who lead the league for two years .


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