Brian Flores: Not accurate to say Ryan Fitzpatrick is Week One starter

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Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to start at quarterback for the Dolphins in their third preseason game and head coach Brian Flores has said he wants to treat that game like a dress rehearsal for the regular season.

Connecting those dots would lead one to believe that Fitzpatrick will get the nod in Week One, but Flores said at his Monday press conference that it would be inaccurate to draw that inference. Flores added that the decision about the starter for the game against the Ravens on September 8 wouldn’t necessarily come after this week’s game.

Flores was asked what Josh Rosen could do to change the feeling that Fitzpatrick will be the starter to open the year.

“We need to see improvement. He can’t take as many sacks as he’s taken. . . . He’s got to get command of the offense and get the ball out quicker,” Flores said, via Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Flores said that the team would pick a quarterback and stick with him throughout the entire year, but neither Fitzpatrick’s track record nor the overall outlook for the Miami offense does much to suggest that they’ll be able to do that in 2019.

10 responses to “Brian Flores: Not accurate to say Ryan Fitzpatrick is Week One starter

  1. If he wants his QB to take less sacks, perhaps he should make more of an effort to give him a better offensive line.

  2. Until they have a decent OL, they will suck no matter who is at QB. Now I am thinking they should have re-signed J-Waun James. ANYONE is better than Jordan Mills!

  3. Miami deserves to suck. Anyone with a brain understood that going after Rosen with no oline was putting the cart before the horse. Miami has needed a line since Richmond Webb and Keith Sims left yet they continue to waste draft picks on people like Charles harris, geisicki, rosen, dion Jordan, and the list goes on. Its very simple…FIX THE LINE!!! They should spend a whole entire draft on just lineman but once again this is Miami. If Rosen wins/loses the starting job guess what you will still need in the draft?? You guessed it…oline help. Knowing Miami they will draft their starting rt in the 6th round next year.

  4. Anything other than starting Rosen is a clear commitment to the tank. But as for what Miami will do if they tank – 10 draft picks (and probably counting) gives them a lot of room to figure it out.

  5. Yeah if you want to legit tank i say rosen is the QB to go with, Fitzpatrick will throw 4 int’s one game an d 4 td’s the next not really conducive to tanking.

  6. After the first game he said he’d rather Rosen take the sack than make risky throws. So that’s what he did, now guy says he doesn’t want him to take as many sacks. Hmmm

  7. The win-loss record this year really doesn’t matter other than establishing our draft slot.
    The key is to identify the handful of players worth keeping. Let’s see what this coaching staff can do and who is good enough to build with. Is Rosen the QB of the future, hard to tell right now.
    Plenty of draft picks and cap space to work with next year to address multiple positions and continue the rebuild.

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