Drew Rosenhaus: I think Antonio Brown will be back soon

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A day after Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock expressed frustration that wide receiver Antonio Brown is not participating in training camp, Brown’s agent said Brown will not be gone long.

Drew Rosenhaus said on ESPN this morning that Brown should be back with the team soon. But Rosenhaus pushed back against the idea that Brown is being a diva, instead saying that Brown takes his health and safety seriously and continues to think the helmet he has worn throughout his career is the right helmet for him — despite NFL regulations that require him to change to an approved model.

“I do think he’s going to be back soon,” Rosenhaus said. “We’re looking into any and all options right now to resolve the helmet issue. Antonio is very genuine. He wants to be there, he wants to be part of the team, he wants to practice, but he’d also like to do it with the helmet he’s worn his entire life. He wore this helmet in pee-wee football, high school football, college at Central Michigan, and he also wore this helmet his nine-year career.

“People keep saying to me that there are 2,000 players that are wearing approved helmets, but there are very few, if any, that have worn the same helmet for their entire nine-year career. He’s a wide receiver. He gets hit across the middle. People are trying to take his head off. He’s a big target. You talk about how many catches he’s had over the last six years, for example, this is his life. He’s risking everything. He’s got a family. He’s had a concussion before. This helmet has kept him safe. He’s had brutal hits. And we’re just trying to find a way to work it out.

“We’ve worked very closely with the Raiders, we’ve worked very closely with the NFL, but I hope people can appreciate, this is not a simple issue. The helmet is the most important piece of equipment and he’s had the same one every single snap he’s played in his football career. This is a major issue for him.”

Mayock made it quite clear that the Raiders want Brown to stop making his helmet a major issue and start practicing again. Rosenhaus thinks Brown is justified in seeking every possible avenue to wear the helmet of his choice.

18 responses to “Drew Rosenhaus: I think Antonio Brown will be back soon

  1. Brown and Rosenhaus are simply pining to be cast in Jerry Maguire 2. They’re laying the script right at our feet! Are you all blind?

  2. Antonio Brown is sane, its all of you who are crazy.

    At least TO was crazy in a selfish way – he wanted the ball. AB is on another planet.

  3. Sorry Drew, but that helmet didn’t keep him safe. He was knocked out by a head shot by Burfict several years ago and missed multiple games with a severe concussion. Just wear a helmet AB or retire- sick of your drama.

  4. Don’t think it’s about safety because there’s really no way to argue that the helmets being worn now are not safer than the one AB wore in Pee Wee ball. Probably has more to do with vision – especially peripheral. For a WR being able to see the ball as clearly as possible is paramount.

  5. How much is the agent fee on 30 million dollar bounes? The min is 1.5% the max 3% you can see why Drew is working hard to spin this and keep his $450m to 1 million in fees.

  6. “He’s had a concussion before. This helmet has kept him safe.”

    The evidence points to another conclusion…..his prior helmet has done him no favors. It’s all about him being told no, for the first time, in a very long time. I’m sure, were the decision left up to the Raiders, he would be given his way once again, but as far as the league is concerned, he will sit until he wears the proper equipment. He just can’t accept that the league has rained on his parade, and doesn’t really care about how important Brown thinks he is to the NFL as a whole.

  7. Bar none — The worst teammate in football. It’s the 3rd time in a year he’s walked off the job

  8. This guys is the biggest diva in the league. He wants to wear an unsafe helmet because “he has always worn it?” OMG the Raiders SOOOOO deserve this guy. He is an absolute joke.

  9. The sooner the NFL makes it clear that it doesn’t need Antonio Brown, the better off we’ll all be.

  10. The Devil: “Sell me your soul for this helmet that will make you into the best wide receiver on the field while you wear it.”

    Young AB: “Deal!”

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