Ezekiel Elliott found “Zeke who?” quip disrespectful

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones went for a laugh after Saturday night’s game against the Rams when he was asked about running back Ezekiel Elliott‘s ongoing holdout.

Jones quipped “Zeke who?” in response to the question and then went on to say that “we’re having some fun, not at your expense” in reference to Elliott. Elliott didn’t find it as amusing as Jones.

Elliott’s agent Rocky Arceneaux told Chris Mortensen of ESPN what he and his client thought of Jones’s remark.

“I didn’t think it was funny and neither did Zeke — we actually thought it was disrespectful,” Arceneaux said.

The quickest way to putting a smile back on Elliott’s face would likely be to give him what he’s looking for on the contract front. Mortensen adds that there’s been “no real activity yet on negotiations,” however, and that suggests it may be a while before anything happens in that area.

138 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott found “Zeke who?” quip disrespectful

  1. oh Jerrah, Jerrah, Jerrah, i’d be careful bro. You finally have a stocked team, but if no zeke, no parade.

  2. I’m not a Zek fan but … what in the world Jerry lol. I could of ran through those holes that night against rams back ups. And Zeke probably would of busted off an eighty yarder.

  3. So the Cowboys are flaking on paying both Zeke and Cooper…a 3-4 year return on a top 5 draft pick…and a 2 year return on another 1st round pick for a WR…lolol

    The storm that is coming for all of these teams with elite talent at RB…Zeke, McCaffrey, Kamara, Barkley…if teams aren’t going to pay RBs…might as well just eliminate the position…

  4. These RB’s just dont have a ton of leverage anymore. Zeke isnt in the best spot right now and Jerry knows it.

  5. Zeke…you are a man-child and were offered a pretty good deal by your crazy senile boss. You should have taken it. Jerry won’t budge because he needs YOUR money to pay Dak and Cooper. That Pollard kid is gonna take your job.

  6. Awwww was his widdle feelings hurt? Maybe he can do that childish ‘feed me’ gesture in his safe space till he feels like coming out.

  7. I think the Cowboys find it disrespectful Zeke is not a camp. I would simply say you can play or not. The deal shoud not hust erase he is only owed 3 mil this year. So if you want 15 a year for the next 4 years, subtract 12 for what we are supposed to pay you for this year. Here is your 48 mil. Or sit. Dont care. The Pats havent had a zeke and have won every year. What we need is a Brady and a belicek. Less clapping and more getting down to the business at hand. Pay Amari and draft a QB next year in the 2nd. No reaches though.

  8. I would normally side with the team on this one, but that comment was over the top after he has carried this team for two years …… I guess we get to see what the guy that couldn’t even start at Memphis can do at the NFL level for a while …

  9. Jerry should trade Zeke, Dak & Amari for first round picks next year. Even with Zeke, they’re not winning the SB this year. Start the rebuild. Stock up like OKC Thunder did in NBA.

  10. If Zeke and his agent don’t think that Pollard’s emergence is NOT driving down Zeke’s value, then they can feel disrespected ALL they want…………………..

  11. Jerry owns the most valuable sports team in the entire world so I’m sure he’s savvy at negotiating. Not sure if this is just in jest or a negotiation ploy.

  12. Respect goes both ways Zeke. Haven’t heard too many stories of him treating anyone else around him respectfully….

  13. Pulling down someone’s top in public is also disrespectful. As is hitting your girlfriend. And punching a DJ. And knocking over a teenage security guard. But hey, who’s counting?

  14. Let’s see, he is under contract for TWO years and not showing up for work. Who is being disrespectful??

  15. How many times has young Ezekiel been unreliable to his bosses and teammates. He is the disrespectful one; especially to his QB who has sucked it up and played QB1 for very little money. One of the risks of a holdout is that your replacement possibly steps up and makes you seem terribly expensive. Ask L Bell about that one.

  16. I’m glad I’m not a NFL team owner! Becuase my team would freaking suck! I just couldn’t put up with all these players whinning and crying! They are great on the field so they think they can act way they want to off the field. The owners put up with it.

  17. Let’s not forget that he’s under contract. It’s Zeke that’s “disrespecting” the team, not the owner who is paying him the contracted wage. If Zeke wants to blame someone, blame the NFLPA, not the Cowboys for the mess you think you’re in. They negotiated and accepted this terrible rookie deal you’re in.

  18. The Cowboys need Zeke a lot more than they’re letting on (or maybe they’re just to stupid to realize that). The rookie is not going to do so well against the starters. And he’s probably going to get Dak killed on 3rd down. Zeke knows that.

  19. He’s a proffesional athlete. You don’t get to the Pro’s without thinking your the best player on the field and taking every slight personal and using it as motivation.

  20. The job pays what the job pays.

    If you don’t like what the job pays, find another job.

  21. Pollard looks good, but he doesn’t look like a total game changer like Zeke was. Zeke will end up getting paid, or showing up late and probably hurting his ability to get paid later.

    I don’t blame these RBs for doing this though. They need to fight for their market to return. The NFL has truly turned into a league of the haves and the have nots. They need to raise the floor aggressively and stop raising the ceiling aggressively. Every new contract doesn’t need to set the new high water mark, and seemingly that’s what’s happening.

  22. show up and play your contract, im so tired of these babies not wanting to fulfill a contract that THEY signed. No one had a gun to their head, imagain if the team said “we are paying you this year cause we think you deserve less”. They would scream to the hills that they have a contract…

  23. The Cowboys have to pay Dak, Amari Cooper, and Jaylon Smith this coming offseason. They only have 1 Franchise tag to use. Elliott is still under contract for two more years. I don’t blame Jerry for not caving. Let Elliott waste his career and ruin his rep in the process. I understand it is a business, but these “me first” players never seem to end up hoisting trophies at the end of the season any way.

  24. This guy is upset abour Zeke what? How? Who? What were we talking about anyways that new runner they have thats fast.

  25. When making statements like that Jerry should consider how it might affect the player’s motivation once he does return, especially if he returns without a new contract.

  26. Zeke will have the last laugh if they try to be competitive without him… best player who touches the football on that team by far

  27. I think the Cowboys are perfectly content to just let him twist in the wind. It was going to be hard to pay Prescott, Cooper, and Elliott, anyway, and Elliott is just making the decisions easier.

  28. Hard to feel bad for a RB who is under contract for 2 more seasons (this and next).

    He’s already cashed a $16M Signing bonus based on his existing 5 year deal, in his 3 years, he’s missed 20% of his games

  29. I’d think without Zek in camp it should be , Dak who ? Amari who? Vaunted defense that gets blown up with inside runs who ? And the vaunted offensive line that gets blown up by blitzes who ? Jerry Who ? Mr hand clap who ? … I could go on ALL day !

  30. charliecharger says:
    August 19, 2019 at 3:08 pm
    I’d trade this guy faster than you can say Herschel Walker.

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    that is just the thing…he is not tradeable

    it is too late

  31. These guys always want it both ways. If it’s just a business then nothing but the bottom line matters and they’re just going to be treated heartlessly, like interchangeable cogs in the machine.

  32. every player, coach, and GM could learn something from BB on how to deal with media and what not to say.

    pretty much say nothing.

  33. Gotta love all these armchair owners on here. How are you mad in one breath that Zeke is not living up to the contract he was forced to sign, but not mad at an owner who then cuts a player before his contract is up? You say that Zeke is not living up to his contract, but the CBA says he is perfectly playing by the rules. Owners and players play under that CBA. I’m sure Zeke can find a new team to play for if old Jerrah would go a head and release Zeke, since he is not being a team player and all.

  34. I find it “disrespectful” that he is holding out with 2 years left on his contract that he signed in the first place, i don’t care if a running backs career is normally shorter than other positions, he signed the damn thing.

  35. Zeke is just frustrated because he has no leverage. And when Pollard runs for 100 yards against the Giants on the opening Sunday, he’ll be officially done.

    Come in, take the offer that jerry gave you and shut up. Period. Running Back is a devalued position now. Dime a dozen.

  36. Let’s see. Zeke has a contract he agreed to. He has been in trouble with the league 3 times and Jerry supported him. Now he’s choosing to hold out, which may be a smart business decision, but it’s not respectful to Jerry and the Cowboys. It’s a stone cold business move. Jerry isn’t going to lose any sleep over his comments. It’s not personal, it’s business.

  37. Disrespectful !!!, what’s disrespectful is having a contract and not being in camp. You negotiate from there.

  38. 4moreyears20 says:
    August 19, 2019 at 2:12 pm
    oh Jerrah, Jerrah, Jerrah, i’d be careful bro. You finally have a stocked team, but if no zeke, no parade.


    Parade? Maybe try to beat the Eagles first.

  39. Good grief, I am sick and tired of everyone and everything being “disrespected”. Get over yourself…

  40. I saw the video and at it’s worst it was a bad attempt at Jerry trying to be funny. I don’t think he was trying to be disrespectful. Now the agent is trying to take the comment and make it into something it isn’t and use it as ammunition in his negotiations with the cowboys. I’m not taking sides I just hope people see thru this.

  41. Guess what Zeke…he owns a billion dollar sports franchise whether you play or not. You play the most replaceable position in football. As good as you are your teams haven’t won anything. If you’re going to be this uptight….maybe this game isn’t for you. Good luck applying football skills to your next career.

  42. All the readers are piling on Zeke right now, but truth be told, Dallas needs him desperately, and the team will not be the same without him – especially with Amari Cooper hobbled. Ain’t it a glorious thing????

  43. LOL @ running backs that think they have leverage. The next guy may not be as good as you, but he can be just good enough. Don’t overplay your hand, Zeke.

  44. But not finishing a contract that he willingly signed isn’t disrespectful? Another reason why I am losing interest in the league. I’m fed up with the players.

  45. 4moreyears20 says:
    August 19, 2019 at 2:12 pm
    oh Jerrah, Jerrah, Jerrah, i’d be careful bro. You finally have a stocked team, but if no zeke, no parade.


    Stocked? Parade? You really think Zeke makes a difference here? The Cowboys will never win another SB as long as Jones is the GM.

  46. lol, poor baby, I would not sign this clown. He is a drama queen who is always in trouble. Not worth it for a RB. They are a dime a dozen.

  47. Disrespectful !!!, what’s disrespectful is having a contract and not being in camp. You negotiate from there. Thank you! if you have a contract BE THERE, you can’t just say i don’t feel like playing for what i agreed to play for, we’ll lose the NFL if the players keep this BS up!

  48. Major universities crank out good running backs every year, nothing that special about Zeke. Maybe the Cowboys need to go there and shop, then they can dispose of this drama queen and his drama queen agent…..

  49. Dont do it Jerry! You know what player empowerment did to the NBA we dont want it in the NFL so hold the line

  50. Uh, no Zeke… beating up a woman, like you allegedly did a couple of years ago is disrespectful.

  51. time to start putting a training camp clause into these contracts. Or perhaps if a certain amount of players hold out ticket prices & tv deals should be slashed.

  52. Pollard may be a nice find but he seems like more of a 3rd down back. No way he can hold up to the 500+ touches that they’ve given Zeke.

  53. Jerry Jones should fire himself as owner. That is, if winning is even relevant to him. He’s a bottom line guy. Stands up and preaches win, win, win. This dude is strictly about money. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to Coach the team too. He could use diversity and pluralism help. But with money like he has…he could give a…..! Zeke better be sure bout this. Jerry too. This game of chicken needs to stop.

  54. This guy cannot stay out of trouble, he has two years left on his rookie deal, he needs to show up for camp and work or realize life moves on without you.

  55. I find it disrespectful that these players have contracts yet deem it acceptable to not show up for work. And I’m a Buckeye!

  56. Here’s what happens: Zeke sits out 1 regular season game. If the cowboys look bad because he isn’t there, he sits out longer until Jerry blinks and ups the money. If the Cowboys look fine without him, Zeke comes back quickly. That’s what I’d do.

  57. And the team finds it disrespectful that a guy with 2 years left on his contract is sitting at home, thinking he should get to cut ahead of his fellow offensive stars in line for a new contract, with the team seemingly already offering to make him the second-highest-paid RB in the league.

    For a guy who can’t seem to make it through an offseason without bad press to hold his team over a barrel this early in his rookie contract is disrespectful.

  58. Oh my goodness. He feels disrespected. I am not saying it wasn’t a crappy thing to say but if you don’t want to be “disrespected” show up to work. Sorry that is as basic as it gets.

  59. Kid born in Alton, Illinois with a special athletic gift. He was offered a full ride high school scholarship to John Burroughs private high school in St Louis because of his athletic talent with a football. He obviously was a star in high school athletically, his school tutors handled the educational requirements. He was given a full ride at Ohio State, again for athletics, he continued to be a star on the field. He was drafted highly by the Cowboys and has continued to be star on the field when he is available to play by the NFL commissioner. A growing up of privilege, everyone says yes along the way. No one surprised that he continues to find himself in the commissioners office or under the scrutiny of the law, rules do not apply to Zeke. Jerry, let him sit out and walk for 2 years, entitlement is getting stale!

    A Cowboys Die hard fan since 1968!!

  60. Trade the nobody and get something for the him, Mr. Jones. you won’t get as much for him as you did for Hershel Walker. I guarantee it.

  61. When i feel disrespected i usually shove people into guard rails, totally and completely normal behavior

  62. #22 and #94 need to come remind Mr. Jones about Emmitt’s holdout and how that ended in the locker room.

  63. You people that say “he needs to honor his contract” need to brush up on your understanding of the CBA. It allows him to do what he is doing now. Without zeke, reception leader and leading rusher, the cowboys are done. Zeke is the cowboys. Let me know when you draft Dak and Amari first in your fantasy league.

  64. Zeke was a drama queen at OSU and is now one in Mexico, because he won’t be back in Dallas anytime soon. He has no leverage other then his ability to play. Cowboys will find someone else after final cuts are made. And Zeke will have to play under his current contract next year (3 years now) or not play at all because he already missed the deadline to accrue a year toward free agency. Plus being a 1st round pick you know they were going to put that 5th year option on you. So 4 years from now you can go to free agency. Haha. Good luck with that. 29y/o RB
    Not a team player and certainly not a good teammate to his QB or WR#1 who are both in the final years of their rookie deals and didn’t hold out.

  65. So the cowboys drafted pollard in the 4th round thinking that he will replace zeke(who they drafted 4th)..ummm no… He was drafted to give zeke a breather, change of pace. Remember Rod Smith… Anyone can run behind that line.. OK. Zeke gained his yards even when injuries were limiting that line. The cowboys defense will keep them in games but without zeke, Dak will have to shine. If zeke holds out the cowboys are done. Defenses around the league are drooling.

  66. Patsareinyourheads says:
    August 19, 2019 at 4:16 pm
    Zeke could have said, “ I’m not surprised. Jerry’s Dementia is getting worse. That’s a big reason we have 2 playoff wins since Troy Aikman was here”.
    You ought to write a book on contract negotiations.

  67. Would the Cowboys have signed Morris if they did not draft pollard and zeke was playing… NO… Enough said. You cowboy fans are delusional as always. What about Moore, Garrett, Jones makes you think that everything will be magically delicious?

  68. jdavis1877 says:
    August 19, 2019 at 2:50 pm
    show up and play your contract, im so tired of these babies not wanting to fulfill a contract that THEY signed. No one had a gun to their head, imagain if the team said “we are paying you this year cause we think you deserve less”. They would scream to the hills that they have a contract…

    Teams do this to players literally all of the time.

  69. Just another overpaid prima donna NFL jerk. He’s a big cry baby. Dump him, Jerrud…. the fans won’t miss him and his antics. Another Antonio Brown whining disruption.

  70. All you diehard cowboy fans remember Emmitt Smith? How about that great(and I mean great) offensive line he ran behind? My question to you would be…

    What was his backups name?

  71. “that suggests it may be a while before anything happens in that area”

    Yeah, when the Cowboys start out the season 0-3, you’ll see something happen in that area.

  72. By reports, Elliott worked out and lost 10# in Cabo…well, that means at start of the training camp Elliott missed, he was at least 10# overweight. If Jerry had given Elliott the money, Elliott was showing up fat and out of shape. That is disrespect.

  73. Hmmm….I wonder if Mr. Elliott considers beating his girlfriend “respectful”? Or how about assaulting a teen-age security guard/parking lot attendant? Is THAT showing respect?

    I’m only asking because I’ve found it prudent for this shining example of respect and decency to be my moral compass. “If it’s OK for Zee, it’s OK for ME”.

  74. Jones made a joke and owned up to it being a joke immediately, it really was meant as a complement to the rookie RB. But crocodile tears Zeke took it completely wrong and now his little feelings are hurt and he is going back to his safe place in Cabo.

    This changes nothing, I don’t think the Joneses move one cent higher and after the Cowboys start 3-1 due to a really favorable first quarter of the schedule, Zeke will have less leverage than he already has, which is practically none. If I were the Cowboys brass I would pull whatever contract offer is on the table for Zeke, tell him to either play the 2019/20 season out or sit, and focus on signing the players who are in the last year of their contract. If Zeke gets through this year and next offseason without an on field injury or an off field violation I would then begin negotiations all over again, as Zeke can’t hold out next year and become a FA . . . he took his shot this year. If he makes the choice to sit out this entire year then at least the Cowboys will know what they have absent Zeke and this years salary would become his salary for 2020/21 and the fifth year would still be out and Zeke shelf life would be that much shorter!

  75. In these situations the guy filling in for the diva is always the untold story. Remember LeVeon last year in rustville? Conner took his job much as LeVeon let it go. Worth remembering the big worry in Dallas about Zeke isn’t all this awesome production at RB, its he’s a pressure-release valve for the QB.

    So I say pleasantly surprise the hardworking Pollard with something like $5m/year over three years, shop around for a good journeyman backfielder who both reliably can chip rushers but keep defense honest on the run (remember CJ Anderson with the Rams last year?). Then, axe Zeke.

  76. Watch the video. It was a humorous remark dripping with sarcasm. If Zeke is that sensitive, he needs to go to his safe zone.

  77. This is hilarious to me. Zeke and any other athlete has the right to sit out, not show up and not honor their contract. No problem, I don’t agree, but that is their choice. However, when others who are impacted by this decision continue to move on with life, their “feelings are hurt”. You can not have it both ways.

    You made the decision sit out. The Cowboys, currnetly, are moving on based on the decision you made. Get over it, or show up.

  78. As a Cowboys fan, I feel disrespected that this goofball isn’t at work. He is under contract….

  79. RussianBreadMaker says:
    August 19, 2019 at 2:38 pm
    Trade him straight up to the Redskins for Trent and AP. Seems fair.

    We have enough jerks in Washington, D.C. already!

  80. alan reyes says:

    August 19, 2019 at 11:27 pm

    By reports, Elliott worked out and lost 10# in Cabo…well, that means at start of the training camp Elliott missed, he was at least 10# overweight. If Jerry had given Elliott the money, Elliott was showing up fat and out of shape. That is disrespect.
    Well 1st off I hate the cowboys, other than the Yankees there’s not a team I despise more in sports. 2nd most players show up to training camp carrying extra weight because their going to lose weight during training camp and if they show up at ideal weight by the time the season rolls around their 10 lbs or so under their playing weight.

  81. Back in the day, Bob Lilly, one of the great football players of all time, was getting paid $35,000/year. One off-season, he was hanging out with some players from other teams and found out their salaries were two or three times more than his. He famously said, “Tex Schramm knows we would play this game for next to nothing, so that’s what he pays us.”

    Elliott is playing this all wrong. Yes, he is a good running back, but off-field concerns limit his contract status and negotiations.

    For all this talk about the vaunted offensive line and how the Cowboys are going to be a run-first team, it’s not really true. Go back to the divisional playoff game in 2016, Prescott’s and Elliot’s rookie season. Dallas had it all: division title, first round bye, homefield advantage, a more formidable offensive line and a running back that was averaging 4-5 yards per carry. 1st-and-goal at the 3. What happened?

    1st-and-goal at the 3. Pass–INCOMPLETE.
    2nd-and-goal at the 3. Run/pass option by the QB–TACKLED for -1 yard.
    3rd-and-goal at the 4. Pass to the TE, touchdown!–NEGATED by a holding penalty, -10 yards.
    4th-and-goal at the 14. Pass–DEFLECTED.

    Cowboys lose. This was the game. This was the opportunity, 3 yards to glory. Not one running play was called, even though Elliott was averaging 4-5 yards per carry.

    Down and distance, game on the line, a situation that screams run play, and Dallas moved backwards, threw the ball and the game away. That was under Linehan. Now, under Moore the offense will rely even more on pass plays. Thus, the running back is expendable.

    If they’re not going to give him the ball in a situation that demands it, in the most important game in years, what is there to make anyone believe they’re going to give the ball in any other game when the situation demands it?

    Dallas says it’s a run-first team, that Elliot “stirs the drink.” But when it’s time to run the ball, they don’t. That’s on Garrett, who is pass-happy, because his lone claim to fame came in the Thanksgiving game in 1995, when he came off the third-string bench, threw for 5 touchdowns and beat Bret Favre (who never won a game in Texas Stadium). That was the last year Dallas advanced to the conference championship and won a Super Bowl. It’s why he’s Jerry Jones’s pet coach.

    Elliott has no leverage. He is under contract. All this holdout is doing is costing him money, lowering his contract status, reducing his negotiating ability, and ruining his reputation. He’s under stern warning from the commissioner that the next off-field infraction will result in severe punishment. And Jones knows it.

    Why sign this clown, give him an extension and pay him a lot of money? There’s no reason to. He can’t sign with any other team for the next couple of years. He doesn’t want to play? Fine. Don’t pay him then.

  82. Zeke was never charged with domestic violence and the lead investigator that was hired by the NFL, Kia Robert’s, said “he should not be suspended”. What else did zeke do? Pulled a woman’s shirt down, visited a weed shop, pushed a security guard that did not file charges… Really, that’s the trouble he got into?
    Meanwhile tyreek hill walks away from an incident because of no evidence but yet he could not see his son because a restraining order was not allowing him to, he could see his girlfriend but not his son. He had a history.

    I am not a cowboys fan in any sense of the word. But Zeke is the best RB in the NFL and if you think Pollard can replace him you are fooling yourself. I guess Pollard will be the NFL rushing leader and lead the cowboys in receptions.

  83. The Playoff game they lost in zekes rookie year against the packers ended on a 50+yard FG with no time on the clock. That was after the cowboys tied it with a 50+yarder with :35 seconds on the clock.

  84. I think its disrespectful to not show up while your in contract for not 1 more year but 2! I own 3 of his jerseys and it is making me so sad that hes being like this!! Why would anyone want to resign a player who can’t stand by his word In the first place! U signed a contract and aren’t standing by your word! Yes he’s great! Every running back we have had has been great why because we have an amazing offensive line as well as the player is danm good. But every running back that has been amazing, and then gone else where has never been as good as they were behind our line! I just hope Elliott can figure things out quickly cause I don’t want to see him leave but I also want him to keep his word especially with having all the support he got while being on our team hope he can remember all Jerry’s done for him! This whole mess makes me sad to be a cowboys fan! An Elliott fan!!

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