Jay Gruden gets coy about his communication with Trent Williams

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The good news is that Jay Gruden didn’t respond to questions about Trent Williams on Monday by saying, “Trent who?”

The bad news is that there’s still no news about Williams’ holdout.

That said, the Washington coach seemed to admit that there has been some content with Williams, who by all reports and accounts wants to be traded or released and will not be coming back.

Specifically, Gruden was asked if he’s talked to Williams.

“Talked?” Gruden replied. “Maybe. Texted, talked. Maybe. It is what it is right now. He’s not here so we just have to talk about the people that we have.”

Whatever the content of those communications, Gruden said there are “no updates whatsoever” regarding the holdout, and he made it clear that they’re getting ready with the current members of the roster.

“We’re preparing with the guys we have right now,” Gruden said. “That’s all we can do. We’re getting Geron [Christian, Jr.] ready, we’re getting [Donald] Penn ready. So we’ll go that route.”

They’ll likely go that route into Week One and beyond, unless Williams experiences the kind of dramatic change in his position that no one currently expects him to experience.

7 responses to “Jay Gruden gets coy about his communication with Trent Williams

  1. Gruden probably has orders from Snyder and Allan not to talk with Trent Williams, who is arguably the Redskins’ best player. Trent deserves a big time apology and extra bucks from the team. He deserves respect and love. Not the throw guys under the bus treatment from Snyder and Allan who know how to lose friends (fans) and alienate people (players and prospects). Skins will botched the relationship with Al Haynesworth when he was the best defensive player in the league. Now, they botching the relationship with Trent Williams, who they sorely need to protect the passer and help create plays.

  2. Lousy franchises are typically lousy at every level. That is the only explanation for the Redskins horrific medical record. Deal Williams out of the equation and just look at their backfield: The Redskins performed an ill advised risky surgery on Colt McCoy to speed up his recovery from a broken fibula, on the fanciful notion they were going to the playoffs, only to damage his leg and trigger three additional surgeries. Guice’s ACL surgery was also botched — resulting in three additional surgeries to try to fix it. Smith’s surgery was a disaster, resulting an infection and additional two procedures. The Redskins medical department is a butcher shop. There is nothing good about this franchise under the Snyder regime.

  3. “There is nothing good about this franchise under the Snyder regime.”

    Trent Williams was about all that was good. Ryan Kerrigan too. There are a few players to like, and I’m a Jay Gruden fan myself (I believe his last four seasons are about as good as you can do in such a toxic environment).

    But for the most part, yes, you’re right. The business side isn’t good, the front office isn’t good, the medical staff isn’t good, the relationship with fans isn’t good, the stadium experience isn’t good …

  4. Guys, do some research to see if an athlete has ever no matter sport or team had to have multiple surgeries on the same injury , and get back to me ok ? Colt wanted to try and come back for the end of the season or he would of told them NO , I bet he was fully aware he may need the other surgeries if it didn’t work Guices knee ? Wonder if those extra surgeries were to clean it up ..
    I don’t hear any players complaining except Trent Williams . So show me some concrete evidence instead of these conspiracy theories.

  5. Time to move Trent to the highest bidder. If he doesn’t want to be in Washington get ride of him. Trent has been a Great Player for the Redskins for years, But he hasn’t played in every game for years now. Other Teams want him sell to the highest bidder.

  6. Mountprospectblog said, “Skins botched the relationship with Albert Haynesworth.”

    You couldn’t be any further from the truth. If you take a minute to do a quick google search, you will find that Albert openly made the decision to not try and give up after getting his big contract. Had nothing to do with relationship building. He got paid and figured he was done… at the Redskins expense.

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