Jimmy Garoppolo struggles in first action since knee injury

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49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was intercepted on five consecutive throws in one practice last week. It didn’t go much better Monday night in his first action since tearing his ACL.

The Broncos got their hands on all four of Garoppolo’s first four passes Monday night.

They intercepted one, dropped a pick-six and had pass breakups on the other two.

Garoppolo’s third drive wasn’t much better as he completed 1-of-2 passes — a screen pass to Matt Breida that went for no gain.

So Garoppolo’s stat line read: 1 for 6 for no yards with an interception in 10 snaps over three series. It was that ugly.

C.J. Beathard replaced Garoppolo with 1:19 remaining in the first quarter.

General Manager John Lynch said Saturday that Garoppolo’s return from his knee injury has been “flawless.” But Garoppolo showed Monday he still has a lot of work to do in the next three weeks, which has to concern the 49ers.

32 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo struggles in first action since knee injury

  1. Its just pre season, but he looked bad. it looked like he was trying to throw 5 picks in the first quarter.

  2. Jimmy g hasn’t looked good since teams got some tape on him. That was a big chance John lynch took paying a100 million for six above average games. Was the kinda move a first time GM would make. Poor shanahan, doesn’t even have a mobile guy he could Atleast build a gimmic offense around.

  3. Womp womp! America, what a country. The list grows : Flynn, Cassel Garapolo made millionaires from nothing. What America is known for, rags to riches stories of mythical proportions. Also undeserving getting paid for doing nothing.

    Jimmy may yet turn out, but his bandwagon has some vacancies. Care to jump on? Think Colin Kaepernick could be Jimmy’s back up? Or could he start? I’d bet he could walk in off the street & out play anybody on staff.

    Let the hate begin!

  4. Brady haters when Jimmy does well: Pats made a mistake! Should have kept G for another dynasty!

    Brady haters when Jimmy struggles: System, system, system!

    Brady: Second 3 ring dynasty since Jimmy G came into the league.

  5. The coaching staff decided to limit Jimmy’s appearances to on camera interviews, while his stunt doubles take care of the on field action for the foreseeable future.

  6. Right now they’re focused on getting Garoppolo to recognize the uniform color he’s supposed to throw the ball to. They’ll get into the finer details later on.

  7. Wow, and crickets from all the fake patriots fan who said belichick should have kept him and traded Brady.

    Those same idiots didn’t understand when I tried to explain Brady carried 20m dead cap and thus couldnt have paid jimmy without cutting a bunch of players so hey hard to expect much.

    Jimmy might still be greay long term but its tough coming back from an acl and not sure fans will have the patience after how much they paid him.

    Time will tell and the best for him.

  8. That last sentence is the Understatement of the summer , so far, as it pertains to the 49ers !

  9. Garapolo was overrated o begin with. He has ten career starts. By all reasonable evaluation, he is a rookie QB, now coming off a severe injury and a year without playing.

  10. It’s not so easy outside the Patriots system. Jimmy G is finding that out the hard way.

  11. “Jimmy Garoppolo struggles in first action since knee injury”

    ‘Struggles?’ Struggles might be a QBR of 40 or so. This night? No word for it. SMH

    What a glorious week.

  12. If they can start CJ Beathard enough games for him to compile a 1-9 record as starter, and if Jimmy G started 8 games and went 6-2, why are people so concerned about Jimmy G.’s brief appearance in his first preseason game? Why are people ready to dispose of him already when the regular season has not even started?

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