FMIA: Kyler Murray, All-In On Arizona; Raiders, ‘All-Out’ On Antonio Brown?

Are you all in or all out? That’s the topic du jour in Peter King’s Football Morning in America column, beginning with Kyler Murray who is fully committed to Arizona and its inventive offense. But out in Oakland, frustrations are beginning to boil over with Antonio Brown’s waffling. In this week’s column:

• Kylermania (though he can’t play Kyler football till Sept. 8)
• How Oakland should handle Antonio Brown
• Testing the Schutt helmet
• ESPN’s Pedro Gomez has an NFL role
• Richard Sherman on CBA talks
• Philip Rivers may not stop at 9 (kids)
• Jerry Jones eats gas-station hot dogs
• Chuck Noll. Not big on conversations
• And much more… [more]