Looking at NFL marriages that ended quickly

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The marriage between the Raiders and receiver Antonio Brown may not last long. Which inspired Monday’s PFT Live draft.

Simms and I, whose on-air marriage somehow has lasted two years, looked at NFL marriages that ended quickly.

Check out the selections in the attached video, with the first pick now determined by a daily trivia question. And then add any short marriages that we may have missed.

PFT Live returns Tuesday morning with an all-new three-hour show on NBC Sports Radio. The final two will be simulcast on NBCSN. Unless that marriage somehow ends in the next day. Which technically isn’t impossible.

14 responses to “Looking at NFL marriages that ended quickly

  1. *halfway through honeymoon dinner*

    Bills: Where are you going?

    Vontae Davis: To the bathroom – be right back!

  2. Childress and Moss.
    We wanted to fire him already, and then you cut one of the BEST players in franchise history after just FOUR games???

  3. Redskins and Donovan McNabb, Redskins and Marty Schottenheimer, Redskins and Steve Spurrier, Redskins and Deion Sanders/Bruce Smith/Jeff George/Adam Archuletta/Antoine Randle El/Albert Haynewsorth/etc/.

  4. Surprised with the lead here being AB and Oakland that neither of you picked up a big one from John Gruden’s Tampa Bay days.

    How about former Pro Bowl quarterback Jake Plummer retiring one day after being traded from Denver to Tampa.

  5. Seems like the situation between AB and the Raiders is being blown way out of proportion. Is he getting away with behavior that wouldn’t be tolerated from an undrafted rookie? Sure. Will he be ready to play at a high level when the season starts? Sure.

  6. Rob Ryan’s 4 days as the Rams DC should be on the list. They hired him without ever discussing what defense he would run and somehow thought he’d use the 4-3 even though he’d always been a 3-4 guy. He resigned after 4 days and less than a month later was implementing his 3-4 with the Saints as their new DC.

  7. I’ll add one more since it was smack in the middle of a changing of dominance in the NFC between these two teams. Dallas trading Hollywood Henderson to the 49ers for a 4th round pick (QB Scott Pelluer). Henderson played just one game for the 49ers before Bill Walsh released him.

  8. That picture of BB with the Jets background almost makes me ill. Good thing BB quit. I can’t imagine watching 20 years of Jets dominance while the Pats spent 20 years chasing their tails. Inconceivable.

  9. mogogo1 says:
    August 19, 2019 at 12:38 pm

    Rob Ryan’s 4 days as the Rams DC should be on the list.


    Why, because you like his hair?

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