Report: Patriots releasing Ryan Allen

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Ryan Allen should have seen the writing on the wall when the Patriots used a fifth-round draft choice on Stanford’s Jake Bailey.

Allen’s six-year career in New England is over, Jim McBride of the Boston Globe reports. The team has informed Allen of his release.

He leaves with three Super Bowl rings.

Allen, 29, likely won’t have much problem finding a new home. He has averaged 45.3 yards per punt in his career, with a 40.4 net average.

He (and the Patriots punt team) has allowed only one touchdown in the past six years.

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  1. The Bailey kid looks good, so this isn’t surprising. Ryan Allen did a fine job over his six years and I’m glad the release came early enough for him to catch on somewhere else. All the best to him.

  2. More a reflection of Bailey’s capabilities than Allen’s. I thought Allen was very good punter who did well when he needed to. He won’t be out of work long.

  3. Best of luck, Ry.

    Hope he doesn’t join anyone too awful (Jets, Steelers, Colts).

    My guess would be Miami or Detroit and it’ll be inked before a Jake Bailey punt finally re-enters orbit.

  4. Cruel world, this NFL. Thanks Ryan. I remember some games where he was their best performer.

  5. After 6-years I guess Allen has a high price point for a punter. Making cap room? How else do you part with experience of an untried rookie?

  6. Sometimes I think that this is the hardest part about playing in the NFL, but at least he’s very good and as others have said, won’t be out of work for long. Thanks for all the great punts, Ryan!

  7. 6 years and 3 rings I’d call that a dream come true what other punter in the league has 3 Superbowl rings? Right none… Good luck great job while you were here

  8. The writing was on the wall when the pats traded up for bailey kids gonna
    be the best punter in the game has a lead foot with nasa hang time !

  9. First time in twenty years the Patriots will have a right footed punter. Coaches around the league are scratching their heads. Well at least the chargers will not have to sign a lefty a few days before a playoff game against the Patriots.

  10. No knock on Allen, he just got beat out by a younger cheaper model. It’s what the Pats do. Duron Harmon may be next.

  11. Unsung, a pro, joy for all in February, gone now
    Vrabes to K.C., Wilfork to Texans, Mankins to Tampa Bay, etc, etc
    Parity in the NFL
    BB is seeding where he can
    Not his fault if no one listens

  12. he’ll still have a paycheck, 3 rings, a lifetime invitation to super bowl champion reunions, and belichick’s great respect. I should hope he delivered the news himself. the new guy must be able to hit within the 5 yd line too or BB wouldn’t have made the move.

  13. BB is also sending the not so subtle message that what happened to Allen can happen to anyone on the team. Excepting Brady for the next couple of years. It’s a pretty good motivational tool for the entire team.

  14. BB doesn’t do things on a whim, his mind is unreal. His love for special teams is well known, so why did he release Allen? Bailey is not only a punter but a kickoff specialist. If you research his kickoffs from last year, his coverage team only made a few tackles and with the NFL trying to eliminate returns, BB plans ahead. Allen’s punts in the Superbowl were awesome, but his hang time started decreasing and I’m guessing that is the first sign of leg strength? Baileys avg decreased from previous years but he also had to punt from near the 50 alot. Look at his inside the 20 yd line stats and they pop. Plus he can boom when needed. He played in a conference that went from one weather extreme to another week after week. BB is the only coach I’ve ever heard say that a punter is a weapon(rams punter). I hope he got his weapon.

  15. Surprised Pats couldn’t get some low pick for him. Maybe doing him a favor letting him pick his own team.

  16. Ryan Allen wasn’t breaking the bank and was so consistent. It’s more than just great punting. He just didn’t make mistakes. Bailey may have a great leg, but what does that get you when he fails to scoop up a bad snap or shanks one? If they had replaced Gostkowski, it would have been more understandable.

  17. Some of the greatest players to ever live don’t have one ring, never mind three rings, in six years. Capspace comes for everyone eventually. Except Brady of course, who the Pats were right in keeping over a guy who gained a HOF rep in 6 quarters.

  18. I can hardly think of a time Ryan Allen let the team down. Hopefully he finds his way to a good situation for him. I hope we don’t miss his pinning teams deep. I also hope Bailey doesn’t constantly out kick his coverage. It’s a delicate balance between distance and hang time. Good luck to both.

  19. I would have converted Allen into a long snapper just to keep him on the roster. Or trade Hoyer instead. It’s not like we’re winning a SB if Brady goes down.

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