Ryan Tannehill knows he’s Marcus Mariota’s backup, period

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Becuase Marcus Mariota is entering the last year of his contract, and because he hasn’t exactly lived up to expectations, and because the Titans found a backup quarterback with some degree of starting experience, there are some who want to cast what’s happening in Nashville as an open competition.

None of those people are Ryan Tannehill.

The former Dolphins starter said he didn’t pay any attention to any such reports, saying he was well aware of his role on the team.

I didn’t know it was a story,” Tannehill said, via Erik Bacharach of the Nashville Tennessean. “I don’t really listen to the media at all. Sorry guys.”

This seemed like a thing everyone was aware of, from Mariota up and down the food chain. But Tannehill’s a pro, so he answered the question because somebody asked it.

“I don’t think that’s an option at this point,” Tannehill said of the possibility of starting. “At least it hasn’t been stated to me. I’m just going out and competing against the defense that’s out there each and every play and trying to execute the call as best I can.”

Of course, the greater issue is that Mariota has played OK at times, but hardly to a level sufficient to make those questions go away. That’s the bigger concern for the team that used the second overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft on him. He also hasn’t played 16 games in a season yet, which means Tannehill is likely to get his chance to play, but not because he beat out the starter.

14 responses to “Ryan Tannehill knows he’s Marcus Mariota’s backup, period

  1. They should have a competition and if Mariota can’t win then he’s not good enough to keep.

  2. If Tannehill is smart he could take a cue from Ryan Fitzpatrick and have a long and profitable career as a backup. Fitz is on what, year 15 in the NFL. Its good money for a part-time/seasonal job.

  3. Need more attitude like this from players. He knows his role and will be ready if needed. I like it.

  4. It’s a pretty easy line to tow with a guy in front of you that is Mariota … status is somewhat shaky as the starter, plus an extensive injury history .. any back up should realize they’re going to likely get a shot based off that situation at some point. Just two that line, dont be a distraction and wait for your chance, it will come.

  5. Too much invested in Mariota. Tanny was merely average at Miami anyway – he’s there as a placeholder in case Mariota don’t improve and they have to find/develop the next franchiser.

  6. There is about a zero percent chance that Tannehill is starting over Mariota in Week 1 if Mariota is healthy. But the media wants us to believe it’s a competition. Yet they can’t even pronounce Mariota’s name right. The media and the fans know nothing. Example:

    “Too much invested in Mariota” – he is on the last year of his contract, and they chose not to extend him yet. They are not invested in him at all past the 2019 season.

  7. I don’t know. If you watched the Pat-Titans practice game the other night, it was clear to this Pats fan that Tannehill was the better QB. He was more decisive. He threw a better ball. while Marriota was constantly throwing softballs off his back foot. The only decisive throw I saw him make was the TD pass to Walker. Just my opinion.

  8. I don’t know. If you watched the Pat-Titans practice game the other night, it was clear to this Pats fan that Tannehill was the better QB.
    I thought they both looked pretty good. MM was going against a mix of our 1’s and 2’s while RT was going up against our 2’s mixed with our 3’s. I feel you have to take that into consideration when comparing their performances. I also feel that with the small sample sizes, Cory Davis’s drop really hurt MM’s outing.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the game. I actually enjoy preseason football. The week 4 game is the only game I’m not overly thrilled to watch.

  9. There use to be a saying that if a team had two starting QBs fighting for the QB1 role then they really didn’t have any starting QBs on their roster . . . seems this might be the case.

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