Carson Wentz: I’m ready for Week One

Getty Images

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz hasn’t played in either of the team’s first two preseason games and doesn’t know if he’ll be playing this week, but he does know that he doesn’t think it will affect his preparedness for Week One either way.

Wentz said last week that he thought he’d be set for the regular season whether he plays in a preseason game or not and the last few days have only worked to solidify that feeling.

“I’m ready for Week One,” Wentz said in his Tuesday press conference.

If Wentz doesn’t play in the preseason, he’ll head into the regular season without taking a hit since his season-ending back injury last year. Wentz didn’t sound terribly concerned about that.

“I’m really not worried about it, to be honest,” Wentz said. “Every year, coming in, it’s always going to be that first hit, no matter if it’s three months off, six months off, 10 months, 12 months. It doesn’t really matter. That first hit wakes you up real quick and it’s football mode again.”

If Wentz doesn’t play against the Ravens on Thursday, that first hit will come September 8 against Washington.